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  1. LazyGram420

    My successful musician's NFT drop, your NFT marketing and affiliate deal

    My wife is a successful musician in the EDM industry. About half a million people listen to her music every month on Spotify, and she's worked with a lot of household names. She has been doing some NFT drops and so far they've sold out. She's made thousands of dollars already from the NFTs, but...
  2. LazyGram420

    LazyGram - Automatic Manual Instagram Growth

    Here's a demo video if you'd like to see the interface before downloading.
  3. LazyGram420

    LazyGram - Automatic Manual Instagram Growth

    Currently it can only follow/unfollow, but liking will be included in the next update, followed by messaging/commenting. The program is only in English for now, but if needed I can convert it to other languages. What language would you need it in?
  4. LazyGram420

    LazyGram - Automatic Manual Instagram Growth

    It is Windows only for now unfortunately. I will be focusing on adding additional features such as liking and messaging before cross platform support is a consideration.
  5. LazyGram420

    LazyGram - Automatic Manual Instagram Growth

    LazyGram was designed to fill an urgent need for a reliable Instagram growth tool. Almost all publicly available Instagram bots leave a fingerprint of personal information. This allows Instagram to see that you're using automation software and will inevitably lead to account bans and...
  6. LazyGram420

    Instagram and CPA

    Most people do at least an 8 hour break per day. The important factor is the number of actions per day, so it's better to just condense your actions into a 16 hour window rather than do it 24 hours per day.
  7. LazyGram420

    Is the IG game dead / not worth starting from scratch

    Yup I program my own bots. I'm going to be selling them soon. The reason I decided to do so is that almost all bots have at least one of a few problems (Including Jarvee). 1.The only way bots like Jarvee can have as many features as they have and be able to manage many accounts simultaneously...
  8. LazyGram420

    Instagram and CPA

    200 follows per day is fine, but if it's a new account start with 75-100 per day and slowly increase the number of follows each day.
  9. LazyGram420

    How do you manage 20+ instagram accounts?

    I only use PC and never receive bans or limitations. I had to program my own tools though because nothing publicly available is any good.
  10. LazyGram420

    Is the IG game dead / not worth starting from scratch

    I've never found 4G proxies to be necessary. I just use residential proxies. As long as you know how to bot properly it can be easy and profitable. I made my own tools because nothing I found publicly did the job.
  11. LazyGram420

    Many accounts have "Old accout was hacked" written - real or fake?

    Both. Instagram does ban a ton of people, more so lately than usual.
  12. LazyGram420

    Jarvee Alternatives

    In 2018 Instagram shut down their public API and reduced the amount of calls drastically from 5000 to 200. You can still use API calls to read SOME data, but Instagram will almost always block your account if you do so sooner or later.
  13. LazyGram420

    Jarvee Alternatives

    It definitely IS the tool that can get you banned. Most automation tools either expose the exact program you're using by communicating with Instagram's API, or they reveal that you are using automated software like Selenium by exposing the web driver. I can't recommend anything right now but...
  14. LazyGram420

    MC in another way

    Jarvee will eventually get your account banned. Check all the posts every day from people getting banned or limited even following and liking at a very slow pace. Besides that your idea could definitely work.
  15. LazyGram420

    JARVEE issue?

    Jarvee isn't safe to use. It's possible that Instagram found a new way to block it, but since Jarvee communicates with Instagram's API it's likely your account will be banned eventually if you're using it for anything other than scraping with a disposable account, a proxy, and a unique browser...
  16. LazyGram420

    How do you manage 20+ instagram accounts?

    You absolutely should not be using one proxy for 4 accounts. You CAN do it, but realistically you shouldn't do more than 2 accounts per IP in my experience. Also don't use a chrome extension to upload content. If you don't want to do it manually, find a bot that doesn't communicate with...
  17. LazyGram420

    Is the IG game dead / not worth starting from scratch

    Instagram isn't dead, the problem is first that you bought accounts which probably were already flagged. Also if the accounts were made with an IP address and now you're using a different IP with your proxy, that sends another red flag to Instagram. You want to start with no more than 5 follows...
  18. LazyGram420

    I want to register enough tiktok accounts.

    Just search free proxies, but if you're using publicly available proxies they will likely already be flagged if anyone has used them before. Free proxies are also very easy for social media companies to recognize as proxies, and even if they were never banned it's likely you'll be unable to use...
  19. LazyGram420

    How do I know where in the world FB/IG thinks I am?

    No way to do it that I know of, but have you tried using a different proxy provider?
  20. LazyGram420

    Hashtag Question ??

    Do those hashtags get any attention? To maximize your engagement you need hashtags that people frequently use, but that aren't so competitive that your posts get buried. I see a lot of your hashtags are misspelled. I think it's likely that you aren't getting any reach because no one is looking...
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