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    [JOURNEY] Becoming a Real Estate Agent (Realtor) from Scratch to Earn Six-Figure Income in One Year

    Isn't that similar to what IDX can do for pay like $10/month?
  2. J

    Selling real estate leads?

    I may be interested in buying...can you send me some more info....
  3. J

    All Kind Wordpress Website - Full Responsive Website Start From 50$

    Can you make real estate website? Can I send you a theme and you can use and modify it?
  4. J

    What are your passive income money makers ?

    That's great. I am doing something similar.....I have a portal and just like yours it isn't massive, but it pays well. I can invest around $30K and make $650/month, so not too bad.
  5. J

    What are your passive income money makers ?

    Where do you buy in US or some other place?
  6. J

    [GIVEAWAY] - Amazon old Account with one purchase history

    Interested, if you still got one...
  7. J

    dont you think real estate a good investment, longterm?

    It depends on your experience...I know cash markets where we make 20% year over year....If you can flip some of these properties you make a lot more. Just keep in mind you are making money when you are buying, not when you are selling. We try to find good deals and sometimes EVEN amazing deals.
  8. J

    dont you think real estate a good investment, longterm?

    I have purchased and sold more than any previous years, I don't agree...
  9. J

    dont you think real estate a good investment, longterm?

    Good info...I am also into Real Estate....not done much with commercial property, I just think the risk is bit higher. What other businesses have you purchased...if you care to chat, feel free to PM?
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    Instagram Journey - 4 Accounts to 500k with Manual F/UF + Viral Content

    how do you get around to phone limits....I only have one phone to create multiple accounts? Can you share?
  11. J

    My Brother Passed This Week

    I am very sorry to hear....may God Bless his soul.
  12. J

    Free Blog Posts on my Website

    I would like to send something....just send you a dm? Can I get a backlink or two from it?
  13. J

    How to Become admin of any WhatsApp group?

    You probably can, but I would think, is it worth it?
  14. J

    How to avoid Trustpilot reviews being removed?

    I used to have their service, they are greedy like everyone else. Bottom Line, they are more on your side to remove a bad review if you are using their paid service vs. if you are trying their FREE service.
  15. J

    [JOURNEY] Amazon Affiliate is still alive!

    I am following, best of luck on your journey...
  16. J

    Anything better than jarvee?

    Following, I tried Jarvee for almost 6 months and failed every single time....
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