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  1. longnhvietnam

    Our experiment: How to make ad creatives with AI and is it worth it

    I am interested as well. Can you please share it?
  2. longnhvietnam

    ✅ LIVE ✅ Become A Topical Authority In Your Niche. Dominate Google In 2023!

    Thanks @Deadlight - I received your topical authority map file. That's good for me to start with a new niche site.
  3. longnhvietnam

    RIP Jarvee

    I am invited as well - as I was a Jarvee's customer. I tried to setup SuSocial, it did not start after installation. Removed it after 2 seconds.
  4. longnhvietnam

    ✅ LIVE ✅ Become A Topical Authority In Your Niche. Dominate Google In 2023!

    I just placed order. Looking for your delivery soon. :)
  5. longnhvietnam

    Using Vercel+Nextjs redirect/mask URL only for facebook

    I have the same question. Waiting for someone give us the answer how to setup cloaking like this.
  6. longnhvietnam

    ☑️Google Ads Threshold Account ☑️ US&EU,AU,CA Account Full Spending ☑️

    Hi @Adspower_K , I have some questions: 1. In very near future, Google ads account will be required 2-Step Verification. Does it affect the way we login the account? 2. Can I login the account from my on different PCs?
  7. longnhvietnam

    Facebook group scraper

    FYI, If you want to scrape FB groups based on keywords, there is a free tool is: Griper (dot) net
  8. longnhvietnam - New Ecomm Course ️ - Paying Up To 100% Commission (VSL)

    This is going to massive on Clickbank! Looks like a really solid offer!
  9. longnhvietnam

    Amazon Cutting Commissions on April 21st

    Time to move to other affiliae platforms. What are good/reliable ones? Can someone recommend?
  10. longnhvietnam

    Long-Form Content = Huge AdSense Earnings Spike!

    Well, that's good tips. Your earning is increase by 4 times, that's great. But how about the cost you spent for creating long form content?
  11. longnhvietnam

    Hello everyone, I'm Henry in Hanoi, Vietnam

    lol, many vietnamese here. :) (see my username)
  12. longnhvietnam

    Imglory Invitation link

    Can someone please give me the invitation code? Thanks so much.
  13. longnhvietnam

    "This fall, we offer you to earn with us. Use Tor Browser" catch?

    Let block all of them. They are either bots or viruses.
  14. longnhvietnam

    Link building results, when?

    For me, it's usually taking 1.5-2 months to see results.
  15. longnhvietnam

    DOPE-A$S **New** CLICKBANK product to MAKE YOU cash!

    How does this compare to Cake Weight Loss? Just saw you launched that in another thread. Which should I be promoting as per your advice?
  16. longnhvietnam


    Looks really good! Will give it a test. Had previous success with Fat Decimator, making a few hundred here and there...will try this now! :)
  17. longnhvietnam

    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    I make positive comments about the products I promote because they MAKE ME MONEY, so i am grateful and thankful for them and will give feedback where asked about them.. Why wouldn't i defend them? they are number 1 product on marketplace?! are you dense? I live in poor country and the money I...
  18. longnhvietnam

    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    I currently promote this offer and have personally been paid cash bonuses by them, so i think this is BS.
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