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    Indexification DEAD After Penguin 2.0?

    i have subscribed to this indexer for my cloaking pages indexing rate is 80% so this service is very very well... simple as it
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    Fantomaster up for sale on Flippa

    i have send them an email & this is the answer.......... WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you looking for a an alternative PM me
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    Is WPCloaker the way to go?

    Send me a PM if you like to see a demo of an advanced cloaking script
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    SimplifiedSES Cloaked Site Builder

    if you like to a better alternative you can PM me :)
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    Solving your own captchas with XRumer Captcha Engine

    this tool already exist & they sell between trusted member on russian xrumer forum i never find it myself but fiew people mention this on the forum just to let you know
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    Does anybody have ionCube decoder ?

    please post the files & we will see if we can decode
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    [GET] Bot Tons of Follower Auto Follow & Group Join

    yes thx you very much for this it work very well !!!
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    [GET] Unfollow Bot Unfollow all which don't follow you back

    thx you mate the tool work very great : ) all the best !
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    Squid proxy Revies

    Bad review for me: 2 days ago we rent 10 private proxy (not shared one) from squidproxy for my work, first day , not any proxy could surf on twitter & i open a ticket for change proxy (i lost 1 day job) second day all proxy are replaced , i have create 10 account & delete all my cookie &...
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    My review about squaid proxies

    i bought 10 private proxies & i cannot surf on twitter i try many time but still have this problem...... they work on any platform but no twitter argGGll Im not happy for the moment
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    Peter Bray - Search Engine Cloaker (SEC)

    there is 3 good cloaking script actually that merit attention & other are russian & not translated so i wont talk about them, Simplified Search Engine Suite (SSES) now they have other tool like Blog Cloaker wich is better than SSES Blog Cloaker cost a lot of money when you compare with WP...
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    Which tool are you using for cloaking?

    yeahh there is many people that not see difference between Cloaking & Cloaking :D :batman:
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    Script to check platform?

    scrapebox does it mate ++
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    Auto Downloader

    use decaptcha API + Imacro or similar
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    [METHOD Step-by-Step with CODE] My Twisted Method to $1k+ a week - NOOB friendly

    Hello , i think everyone can stop to say thanks to JohnsonDaniel :eek: hes a BIG LEECHER Aliengeek have made this method & its posted in VIP area of certain forum... VIP area mean DO NOT SHARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Remove Footer Links from newwpthemes

    Please post the fonctions.php + footer.php code so we can take a look ++
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    Scrapebox, failed 5976 - success 54! WTF!?

    Yes ,u might forget to check all entry with Blog analyser tool I can do 50 k backlinks day on dedicated (we are many) with Scrapebox proxy wich is mean more than 2 million srcaped entry (not analysed) there is many thread about it
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    Doorway page still working fine?
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    | Scraping Productivity Toolset | (BETA Testing)

    hello mate, thanks 4 your tool i got the error too but when i press continue i work well one thing you can add is the remove duplicate domain + duplicate url its very handy tool if you use scrapebox & extract million competitor scrapebox freeze & stop at 1 millions url ...
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