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    Fiverr sellers listen up, urgent question.

    Haven't used Fiverr in a year or two now but last I recall there was a 2 day period after completing the gig before the 15 day period would start. If you rate them positive it skips that first two day wait period and goes straight to the 15.
  2. TermsB

    Looking for a serious business partner

    I would like some follow up information mainly on the pricing you are going to be charging the customers. Need to see what margins there are to work with before knowing if I am interested.
  3. TermsB

    A Video of mine is stuck on 90 views. Read Inside please

    You could try to mouse over the question mark right next to your view count on the video. It'll update, give it time.
  4. TermsB

    I can get Cheap Steam Games, anyone with traffic to sell?

    Are these tradeable Steam games or keys?
  5. TermsB

    Need to hire an ethical hacker to see if any of my websites can be hacked - Any out there?

    Are you willing to prove ownership prior to?
  6. TermsB

    [FREE] 5 PVA YouTube Accounts For Everyone

    He gave me 10 for having 1k+ posts. I tested them and they all appear to be working. Thank you. :)
  7. TermsB

    Is there any respectable CPA for Adult Forums?

    What kind of adult offers are you looking for? The CPA network in my signature has many adult offers, can't get any more trustworthy than them. It's PeerFly by the way.
  8. TermsB

    [FREE] 5 PVA YouTube Accounts For Everyone

    I'll take some. Thanks in advance.
  9. TermsB

    FB page selling advice

    What is the size and price you are looking for? Feel free to send it to me in PM, I may be interested in buying it and you can deal with someone who has been here for a while.
  10. TermsB

    Twitter Account Verifiy Bot ? [ WITHOUT LOGIN ? ]

    I'll make a guide on this tomorrow. If I forget and it's not up within 24 hours someone send me a PM and I'll get to it.
  11. TermsB

    Ebay seller I bought from trying to get out of his sale. Any advice/input to protect me?

    Answering based on this would just be conjecture. However if you want to do some critical thinking for a moment about who Ebay may be more interested in protecting over the long term sellers or buyers you would have to side with the buyers. Without a buyer Ebay gets no income, the majority of...
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    Ebay seller I bought from trying to get out of his sale. Any advice/input to protect me?

    I'm going to hold off on this for a while to see if the seller is willing to work something out with me. Both items I bought were for 10 of each of an item. I would be more than happy receiving 2 of the 20 items I paid for. Thank you for the input, you seem experienced with this and I...
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    Ebay seller I bought from trying to get out of his sale. Any advice/input to protect me?

    Hey fellow hatters, I bought 2 items via Buy It Now on Ebay a couple days ago. The listing was one that the seller mispriced, he had 1,600 of this item in stock for $4.99 which are worth $100+. It appears he just left the 9 off of the $94.99. I messaged him before hand asking if the listing was...
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    [GOOGLE DANCE] Site nowhere in search results from days

    Give it a few more days. New sites rankings can be really random the first few months. Be sure the Google spiders are accessing your site, you can do so through cPanel. Also edit some of the content on your site, it will keep the search spiders coming back which will allow you to index new pages...
  15. TermsB

    Make Money as a Freelance Penis Booking Agent

    Oh my, $40 a lead you say?! :outtahere
  16. TermsB

    Has ChaCha....

    Their billing contact has been listed, one of these people should be able to point you to who you need to talk to.
  17. TermsB

    Facebook pages. Need Ideas.

    A lot of these people are just looking for people that hand over the page before getting paid, always be careful.
  18. TermsB

    Has ChaCha....

    Just give them another call. Ask to speak with someone else if you need to. Simply explain to them how you were doing whatever it was that they are questioning, as long as you are legit they will surely unlock your account. They are making money when you make money with them, if they feel you...
  19. TermsB

    Where Buy WAP Traffic?

    Google ads allow you to target this demographic. You can find it within the settings when you are making the ads.
  20. TermsB

    Twitter Account with 13k-20k+ Tweets

    You are looking for 13k-20k tweets correct, not followers?
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