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    WARNING ! Instagram will ban your accounts in the same ip range

    valar accounts are trash, that is why
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    [Updates & Tests] - Instagram

    Instagram has a new feature coming. Checkout directly on IG Video Instagram - Checkout Feature
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    For those doing follow/unfollow, what kind of people do you follow?

    no 3 with heavy filtering has gotten me the best results
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    Pinstagram? Leaked Instagram Feature Shows it’s Planning to Rip off Pinterest

    very interesting given pinterest plans to file for an IPO in the next few months
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    This is Bringing Me 30 000 People to My Store a Month

    you should also do a test from a friend's phone and run through the process from seeing your account, to opening DM, checking the store, etc. like a real user. Maybe something will pop out at you that you did not notice before
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    How do you manage your instagram accounts? DMs?

    I'm interested in learning how you all manage DM's as well. I tried IgDM but could not get it to work and have not been able to find a solution since then. I would love something like TweetDeck for IG DM's
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    No wonder the Instagram Founders Left Back in Sept. 2018

    this is the saddest part of the whole thing. Once the next social media platform comes up, FB has enough money to buy them outright and repeat the cycle. If they can't buy them, FB will just copy its features
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    Virtual numbers are not working for phone verification anymore?

    how do you know you can trust those sites? I would be afraid to spend money or give payment info
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    Child Method - How to manage and post on all accounts?

    anyone know to manage the DM of your child accounts without using IG app?
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    How can I spark engagement on an account that hasn't been used for 3 months?

    insta stories is hard, but for engagement on photos I would say scrape a list of all your followers and set jarve to like 1 - 3 photos on each of your followers profiles.
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    what is the instagram child method everyone is talking about?

    Do you put a link in the url section of the child accts?
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    Fanpage growth method

    try more specific targeting
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    My Instagram Journey in a ''tough niche''

    Don't worry, 10% follow back ratio is not that bad. I'm in a tough niche and mine ranges anywhere from 9% - 16% and I would like to think my F/UF strategy is highly targeted. Something that will help is to create a daily stats action for your account(s) so you can watch the growth. I export mine...
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    The latest IG Bot?

    instadub is amazing if you are willing to learn it
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    Keep Engagement on IG ADS Post

    yes you are correct but make sure your ad placements are only on instagram
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    Keep Engagement on IG ADS Post

    From my experience, you can run an ad with an original IG post and keep the engagements but you cannot change any of the text/caption! If you want custom text or a new caption, it will create a dark IG post
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    Instagram accounts growing ALL BAN

    i heard valaar accts are trash
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    Buying Fake Followers for Your Competitors

    Wow I feel for you, this must be frustrating especially since you do not know who is doing it. If you have a bit of programming experience there may be a way to automate that process. I'll give an example since I've run into a similar problem on a smaller scale. In my case, I kept getting a...
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