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  1. SirLouen

    How does SEO packs work in general?

    Most of the extra things, are just poor quality backlinks that theoretically set a good backlinking foundations when you start a new website. They are not very worthy nowadays but people are still buying them. It's very difficult to find nice links today so just review packs and see if they can...
  2. SirLouen

    How to get 50 Google reviews

    50€ is almost what costs one single review nowadays... I think that what the guy has given to you is not enough
  3. SirLouen

    How do you find Chagpt 4.0?

    Wait, are we talking about 4 or the new 4o? 4o feels much faster than 4, it's a major overhaul in that regard.
  4. SirLouen

    The future of AI is here

  5. SirLouen

    I’m considering making chatbots for businesses

    Sure, if you can spot some little business that already have chat on site, but they never answer, maybe you can sell the service to integrate on their sites.
  6. SirLouen

    will it work for ranking?

    From my point of view, this is the #1 most complex question nowadays that 99.99% of SEO pros are doing. What you read here is going to be, what people is thinking on doing on this scenario, because we must face that pretty much everyone have been using AI and is facing the exact same issue. I...
  7. SirLouen

    [QUESTION] Getting fair amount of impressions but 0 clicks

    Impressions are something a little bit subjective. If you have to rank top 10 for any keyword, but still you are bottom 5 you wil barely not get any click, but still you will get the same impressions as the top 1 which could be receiving for certain keywords, like 80% of the traffic (in some...
  8. SirLouen

    Phones farm

    First and foremost, depending on where you are based, it could be worthy or not.
  9. SirLouen

    Aged Domain Backlink Must Have?

    Quality of incoming Links If other people have set their shit sites already in the past Those examples you put are good, but occasionally, you need to convey some research, specially on those that seem to have a big DR/DA/AS to check if they are really quality domains (for example, pages that...
  10. SirLouen

    {Method} Earn $2 on every 30 SECONDS ░▒ ►

    I would worry if an ebook in the marketplace is selling this useless method. Sharing aff links in places that noone looks. It's worse than being in the second page of Google.
  11. SirLouen

    How would you promote a course download site in 2024?

    From a SEO perspective, you will be facing DMCA issues every day off, unless you can easily propagate through multiple proxy or doorway sites, you will be exhausted in no time. Generally Telegram and Discord are the best options to get recurrent sales. Subscriptions and all that better than...
  12. SirLouen

    Advice on affiliate marketing website ( with seo )?

    The best advice nowadays is avoiding at all costs. You are going to suffer hard with SEO. With mediabuying is different but extremely risky. Read into the CPA sections into this if you really want to go into this, which I would discourage in most cases.
  13. SirLouen

    Do you think SEO is Dead After March 2024 Update? Check My Recent Test With AI Content

    I would not say that these results draw any hope. Show me a 6 month graph that has not been overtuned to show anything fake as most "gurus" are doing in FB groups. With that strat you will not make the cut 100% for sure. Massive full SEO dedicated sites have plummeted. Big authoritarian sites...
  14. SirLouen

    how is telegram lucrative?

    Regular CPA, or thematic groups (if you could build a community around a topic). The first is highly bannable (few reports and you are out, and in telegram its super easy to report), the second is harsh but I've seen good lucrative business around them (memberships specially).
  15. SirLouen

    What's the risk with using virtual cards on SEO tool's sites?

    They can ban your account prematurely if they happen to identify that it's you who is creating such accounts. If the trial has some minimal cost, then you will lose the money. For example, with SEMrush trials, some sellers are selling here trial accounts, but occasionally, they drop in barely 1...
  16. SirLouen

    Is there something like this on semrush?

    Nope, at best you will have to play with competitive density and keyword difficulty. That all you have in SR
  17. SirLouen

    How to push one content to be rank?

    I don't really believe that there is a true science nowadays that will help you push ranks for any specific keyword. Anything relating authority building like linkbuilding is important, but also content by itself makes yourself and authority. I would start reading more specific threads in the...
  18. SirLouen

    Starting a Blog to Earn

    Start here to get some basic foundations about verticals and horizontals (macro and micros)
  19. SirLouen

    Us Car insurance leads

    Sell them to any broker, or maybe you can become a broker if you happen to live in the country where most leads come from and you can arrange and agreement with a car insurance company
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