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  1. bobblack225

    Tips for creating and working with white page(safe page)

    Does using cracked wp plugins affect anything?
  2. bobblack225

    Hire a stalker...

    Yo what happened 6y later?
  3. bobblack225

    [JV] Partnership in AI Startup Project

  4. bobblack225

    Does the TikTok algorithm need to be warmed up?

    Always warm up accounts on any social media.
  5. bobblack225

    should I use a different google webmaster account each site?

    If I were you I wouldn't, it makes everything more organized and I belive if one gets penalized it may affect the others. I have no proof of this and it is just speculation but that's my belief.
  6. bobblack225

    Get VCC For Any Kind Work✅Start From 5$ Balance Card 10$ ❇️Reload Fee Only 10%❇️

    Can you use it more than once? If so I want discount.
  7. bobblack225

    My sales experience your programing/dev experience

    Interested. I have nearly a half decade of development experience. Pm me.
  8. bobblack225

    realistic cost for SEO management?

    I'd say plan around 500.
  9. bobblack225

    How to promote an OF model that doesn’t do full nudity?

    Post it anywhere nsfw is allowed and relates to your model. Nsfw doesn't mean nudity only. Try posting pictures that get as close to nudity as the model can, and post on high traffic subreddits.
  10. bobblack225

    ⚡ SMM Service Provider - Our Source Android, IOS apps and own Servers.

    Test balance needed. Username: Bobblack225 Thanks.
  11. bobblack225

    Could humans exist without working? (Discussion)

    Yes. Wait till real agi comes (it has consciousness). Then no work. BTW seeing yourself stimulated through hobbies isn't working, it's a hobby.
  12. bobblack225

    Hey noobs, leave this sh*t :)

    Lmao. I'd take the 5% faliure rate because this is something foreign known as a side hustle. Yes, yes, yes I know it is very foreign and sounds out of place here. But what that means is that I have a job that I do normally, and I live my life normally. But then on the side, hence the name "side...
  13. bobblack225

    [JOURNEY] Using my knowledge to try Faceless channels

    You're 100% correct. There's no way an ai could edit as well as a human. In a way I'm using a human editor without actually using a human editor. It's a new approach I don't think anyone has actually tried yet, but as I said the first version was done yesterday and there's still a long way to...
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