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  1. ellay

    I've spent tens of millions of dollars on advertising on FB

    What are we going to do with this information now ? ;^)
  2. ellay

    Hello. I'm Chupacabra

    Hello Chupacabra and welcome :)
  3. ellay

    How can I buy 5k followers and 500 likes for my ig profile

    Hello. Take from big and trusted panels from this section
  4. ellay

    Can anyone tell me what is Thread?

    We are in a thread now ;^)
  5. ellay

    I'm Pawa

    Hello Pawa and welcome ;^) How can we help you? ?;^)
  6. ellay

    Whats the craziest thing or some wild things yall did in high school/ middle school

    The weirdest thing I did — went to high school. ;^O)
  7. ellay

    Hey everyone

    Hello and welcome ;^)
  8. ellay

    hello i am new

    Hello and welcome ;^)
  9. ellay

    Advice, I Need To Make $75 By Month end, Please Advice.

    Try microworker websites. You will earn that amount monthly for sure.
  10. ellay

    CPA big money?

    Isn't there big money in any business? ;^)
  11. ellay

    Looking for someone with a lot of twitter accounts

    hello. What task will these accounts complete?
  12. ellay

    Does binance advertise anywhere ?

  13. ellay

    Social networks

    It will impact your SMM, not SEO ;^)
  14. ellay

    Hey everyone

    Hello and welcome ;^)
  15. ellay

    How do you deal with troll clients?

    Aim to sell something.
  16. ellay

    Who remember Benny Hill :)

    I remember Monty Phyton ;^O)
  17. ellay

    Is IM for everyone?

    Yeah! Those Ferrari guys selling courses for 15$...
  18. ellay

    How AI will impact our economy?

    This AI thing will grow in an evolution way, not overnight and the side problems will be solved on the way.
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