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  1. XxSCaRFaCExX

    How many of you held Dogecoin ?

    I have DOGE too
  2. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Ask Me Anything about IG - Instagram marketer & growth hacker (3y of xp)

    This is the best reply I've ever had in my entire BHW life! :) Thanks mate! Automation is not for me now because I'm just starting in IG. I'll just get my accounts deleted. So, I'll go for organic for now. Well here is more specific: What's NAME is good for my niche? What's the best BIO for...
  3. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Ask Me Anything about IG - Instagram marketer & growth hacker (3y of xp)

    Hi Chaffrey! First of all I want to thank you for this thread. This helps many. specially those who are noobs in IG like me :) It's my first time in IG honestly because I've been working in FB for many years. But now it is very hard now. So I want to try IG. Is it possible to earn followers...
  4. XxSCaRFaCExX

    How To Target People in FB That are Interested in Slimming Coffee

    Hi my fellow BHW'ers! I've been using blackhat methods for years and been very good. But my method is getting very hard now specially in FB. So I want to try WHITEHAT. I have a slimming coffee that I've been using and been very effective for me and many others. They also have a very good...
  5. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Easy $500/m Profit Passive (Scalable)

    Never heard of this one..following!
  6. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Facebook group scraper

    Too bad..I'll try your suggestion..thanks again mate! :) :)
  7. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Facebook group scraper

    That's nice! I'll try it too..thanks! :)
  8. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Facebook group scraper

    This one is good but too expensive
  9. XxSCaRFaCExX

    ❤️❤️❤️ How To Master Reddit ❤️ Without Losing Your Mind... ❤️❤️❤️

    I bought this eBook days ago, and I am very thankful that I did! :) :) Honestly, I never used Reddit as a traffic source because every time I try, I fail :D So, I stayed to my main traffic source, pesssboook! But it's time to leave you FB! Because I already mastered Reddit!!!! Thank you...
  10. XxSCaRFaCExX

    FREE METHOD: Get 1000s of Followers every month without getting Compromised or Blocked by IG

    Will give this a try..Thanks! You can also just post the Bot source here without using the DM feature ;)
  11. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Daily Trending Topics in every major Niche - DomTrens

    And the link also :D Thanks! :)
  12. XxSCaRFaCExX

    Daily Trending Topics in every major Niche - DomTrens

    Is the promo for the GOLD still available?
  13. XxSCaRFaCExX

    I design black hat systems. Tell me what you wish existed. I'll look into making it.

    Is Facebook Force Share possible for you to do? :D
  14. XxSCaRFaCExX

    So I renewed my Jr Vip and some motivation for all.

    So, is it worth it? The Blue side? I see mixed comments here. I was planning to be blue 5 years ago
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