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  1. weedsmoker666

    Journey - Ai Influencer NSFW

    good luck man, following your journey. you can test the waters with some CPA after you grow more the page
  2. weedsmoker666

    Android apps on google chrome browser

    Yes, you will need Archon Runtime for chrome installed first.
  3. weedsmoker666

    Help Please, is there a way to checkout on website but payment gateway thinks its another

    I searched but couldnt find how to do it via api. If i put the api to both the sites doesnt stripe know if the trafic came from the bh site instead of the wh one? Are there any guides on how to do it? Thank you in advance for your time
  4. weedsmoker666

    Say you are broke, have min wage but know about business. What do you do?

    Here, in my country, there are many call centers. I started cracking their wifi code and scanning for vulnerabilities. After collecting their databases, i contact them telling that they aren't secure enough and someone could take their systems down. If they agree i secure the systems and give...
  5. weedsmoker666

    Say you are broke, have min wage but know about business. What do you do?

    I show this to them And then point them to someone like you!
  6. weedsmoker666

    Making dollars from $10,000 investment !!

    Double click for publishers.
  7. weedsmoker666

    [WTB] Forex/Binary and Gambling good leads

    I have 20k french leads and 6k italian leads in the gambling section. All users are still active and current players.
  8. weedsmoker666

    Google Play developer account deleted

    If you didn't coded that app yourself i wont be surprised if you found smth fishy there. Maybe you should scan your app first for malware or backdoors. Use kali linux to scan it, its not difficult, there are tons of tutorials on how to do that.
  9. weedsmoker666

    I need Google Adsense account.

    Thats not true. They are still accepting publishers from Albania. Maybe you do not apply with their conditions: i got accepted 1 week ago after the 10-th submit and I'm from Albania too. :yeah: I think its better to first get accepted with youtube, and then to resubmit your site. Take your...
  10. weedsmoker666

    adsense approval

    Thank you! Actually i'm starting a website, but i have not applied yet to adsense. I wanna put at least 15 20 quality articles before i apply. Does it matter that i'm rewriting the articles and changing the pics?
  11. weedsmoker666

    adsense approval

    I was suspecting that, was to good to be true :D Thank you!
  12. weedsmoker666

    adsense approval

    If i can ask, how many videos are needed for this?
  13. weedsmoker666

    Full Time Job Like A Charm

    Good luck buddy! I'm also starting to grow my social media accounts, but i wanna build a living mostly from adsense. Hopefully things will go for good this time,cause the last year was totally a shitty year. Here is a tip to grow your pages a little faster : Contact the people who are sending...
  14. weedsmoker666

    CrakRevenue - We're back!

    Hi CrackRevenue, I applied several months ago to your network but i got refused. Recently i got a sort of good traffic that i wanna monetize with your network. Can you review my application? My id is 1517637. Thank you.
  15. weedsmoker666

    best throwaway cell for phone verification?

    Its easy. Buy a sim card and once used the number for account verification you can call your provider and ask to change your sim number with the first disponible. You can do that minimally twice a day, and ask more than 100 number changes with one sim before they notice it and block the...
  16. weedsmoker666

    Email Traffic Video Tutorial | Apply to any niche! | Adult Traffic Example !!MUST WATCH!!

    Yes now its working even here, probably was just an temporary problem.
  17. weedsmoker666

    [Giveaway] Hitleap Minutes

    Count me in too OP :) Thanks in advance
  18. weedsmoker666

    Who are the direct Buyers of a LEADS?

    In what kind of leads are you interested?
  19. weedsmoker666

    Email Traffic Video Tutorial | Apply to any niche! | Adult Traffic Example !!MUST WATCH!!

    Its very good method! I was going to give it a shot now but the site is not reachable, its showing ssl error. :headache:
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