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  1. bananahands

    Free Pinterest Bot [100% autopilot]

    This sounds awesome! Very interested.
  2. bananahands

    [Giveaway] 5 DOGE coins for every one

    DCF5GzuiFThRus2oV1LF1RrQmRXk2dWqmR Thanks man!
  3. bananahands

    Youtube Partnership - Best Network?

    Anyone have any insight? Stick with Adsense or try my luck with another network?
  4. bananahands

    Youtube Partnership - Best Network?

    Well damn, that's no good. I just don't see how I could be making less than adsense is paying me now. Statfire shows I am getting 10k views per day and I'm making way less than the earnings they estimate. I heard there is a program that offers a fixed $3 CPM but fixed doesn't seem like the way...
  5. bananahands

    Youtube Partnership - Best Network?

    Well, that's the thing my stats on youtube show trueview CPMs of $12 but that $ doesn't show up in my Adsense. Am I missing something does youtube pay for impressions through something other than adsense? The earnings stats are also way different by over $100 between youtube and adsense.
  6. bananahands

    Youtube Partnership - Best Network?

    Indeed, it does suck. Yes but converting those CPAs is near impossible on youtube. Anyway I'm thinking of applying to fullscreen to see what they offer.
  7. bananahands

    Youtube Partnership - Best Network?

    So I'm getting fed up with Adsense and their $.06 CPC's and thinking about joining another network. Also just recently my clicks per day went from ~200 to closer to 5 so it's time to move on. My youtube channel gets about 10k views/day and has almost 4k subs. It's in the comedy niche. I've...
  8. bananahands

    [WTB] 100 Tagged Accounts - Weekly Work

    Bump. Need closer to 1k weekly now...send PM if you can provide.
  9. bananahands

    What the fuck is wrong with

    This is some grade A boo-shit...VPS is down. Just glad I don't host my sites with them...yikes. An update on what's going on would be cool.
  10. bananahands

    [METHOD] - Easy $500 store credit. Buy yourself something nice

    Anyone else had their emails and invites locked at a certain number by fab? I send invites but don't seem to see any changes. Also it said someone signed up but I didn't get the referral...weird.
  11. bananahands

    How I Made A Realistic $100 Per Day Using Free Methods!

    When you signup to these safelist sites to get traffic how do you keep them from blowing up your inbox with emails every day? It asks for your list email and contact email. I'm guessing they send the mails to the contact one. Do you just set one up in getresponse that you don't care gets...
  12. bananahands

    [METHOD] - Easy $500 store credit. Buy yourself something nice

    I don't think it matters but most of the time they allow you to edit the message you're sending. I usually change it a bit so it's more appealing. Theoretically you could make them some grand promises just to get them to sign up.
  13. bananahands

    [METHOD] - Easy $500 store credit. Buy yourself something nice

    Ah now that's thinking on your feet!
  14. bananahands

    [METHOD] - Easy $500 store credit. Buy yourself something nice

    If I'm not mistaken doesn't Groupon make you send with your own email? I tried there and clicked on email and it opens up your default email client in order to invite. Would love to get some Groupon bucks if anyone knows a way around this.
  15. bananahands

    Please reccommend Office chair under $300.My Back is killing me I don't leave home without it...well mostly because I work out of the house... Search on Craigslist I got mine for $300 delivered. Had to look for 2+ weeks but it was worth it. One of the best things I own. I figured if I'm going to be...
  16. bananahands

    Is it possible to make money-Newbie

    Sounds like you're on the right track. There are sites like which pay you for getting video views. Not sure if a site exists of the same type for streaming shows/matches. Also might want to be sure there's no issue with copyrights as you could get the site taken down if that were the case.
  17. bananahands

    Looking for an instagram bot

    Anyone who has this PM me as well.
  18. bananahands

    [WTB] 100 Tagged Accounts - Weekly Work

    Looking to buy 100 accounts for tagged. Will need more every week. Send a PM with your Skype/yahoo/msn contact.
  19. bananahands

    Which website do you like better? A or B? Please pick one:

    ...A...? *blocks onslaught of rotten tomatoes* of course go with B...
  20. bananahands

    [Get] 3 Pinterest accounts for everyone!

    I'll take 3 thanks.
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