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  1. patel0777

    Can we rank a new website within a month?

    with hard effort , but possible with a lot of knowledge
  2. patel0777

    Hello BHW

    Welcome to BHW....... Have a great future
  3. patel0777

    Thoughts on editing and reposting content

    without any skill you cannot earn more money so ultimately is waste of time in my opinion. so do what you love and you good at.
  4. patel0777

    I made it...

    well done budddy future sharing thanks
  5. patel0777

    What is the best tool of Black hat?

    first welcome to BHW Mate you can find anything at here just spent a time on research. thankyou ❤️
  6. patel0777

    Best Skills in demand 2022?

    I had experience with those field ❤️
  7. patel0777

    Where buy linkedin connections?

    You Can Buy linked in conections on Media Mister, GetAFollower, Buy Real Media, UseViral
  8. patel0777

    I am now Blue ?

    Congratulations. mate when will my time come
  9. patel0777

    Hi from Brazil!

    Hello, mate I m from India
  10. patel0777

    My Introduction

    welcome to world of entrepreneur...
  11. patel0777

    Huge List of Torrent Sites

    wow that's good op ....
  12. patel0777

    Need Assistance!!

    you can learn from YT A to Z with 0 cost
  13. patel0777

    What can i sell on cold email?

    service that you good at.
  14. patel0777


    welcome to another world of entrepreneur .
  15. patel0777

    [Journey] Buy my own apartment | stable income of 50,000 a month

    best luck with your journey mate
  16. patel0777

    Method $10,000+ /day [no bs]

  17. patel0777

    Hello BHW community

    What kinds of tickets? gift card?
  18. patel0777

    Can you make at least $10 an hour online in 2020?

    do hard work and yes it's possible in 2021 also.
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