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    What platform is the most suitable for building a site simillar to those?

    Hi Kaparadox, In fact, you can create a website like those you've mentioned with wordpress/woocomerce, but for it to be responsive and well optimized you will need to know html, css, jscript and other web programming languages :). You can get close to those websites design and functionality...
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    IPv4 addresses are available to be leased at low cost!

    I just wanted to give an update that we have recently launched a promotion for our available IPv4 addresses, where you can get 30-50% discount on new IPv4 orders (valid till 2016-05-01). You can contact us through Skype (IP4Rental) or email ([email protected]) if you want to know more...
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    Anyone had success with Host1plus

    I can't remember when Host1Plus had any issues with shared hosting in any location - the service is stable and the price is affordable. Our clients can find detailed information on what is provided with each of our web hosting plan (CPU, RAM, number of processes, available PHP versions etc.) -...
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    IPv4 addresses are available to be leased at low cost!

    The price will be $0.65 USD/month per IP. Can you let us know for what reason you are looking for BGP session ? Are you looking to do BGP peering or anything specific ? Yes, we can do BGP routing for our IP's. Currently we can cover the needs of up to 50K IP's which are available to lease...
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    IPv4 addresses are available to be leased at low cost!

    Proxies are more than welcome. There is no additional cost involved besides the server in which the proxies will be running. For more details and pricing feel free to contact [email protected] or skype ip4rental
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    IPv4 addresses are available to be leased at low cost!

    We are not offering VPS with Windows + Plesk I am afraid, however, we can offer dedicated servers with Windows and your preferred control panel.
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    ASK ME anything about Instagram

    Are there any advertising options on Instagram? So as facebook has its page likes, conversions campaigns and etc? I am looking for advertising opportunities and they not necessarily have to be free ones!
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    what is the best still simple tool to get traffic?

    Oh there are many many tools that would help yoy to drive your traffic. The ones that I have tried and found beneficial are those - Quantcast and SEOSpyglass and both of them are for organic, white hat SEO traffic, because I'm totally against black one. Sooo, these tools are really helpful on...
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    what to do some one is spamming my site links

    Are you using WordPress CMS? If yes there are lots of useful and effective plugins against spamming. One that I am using is called Anti-Spam. It blocks the spam automatically, without even seeing. It is easy to use as there are no settings page. Try it, if you will not like it - you can always...
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    How powerful are non niche related blog comments?

    Yup, I would agree that placing a link anywhere will be useful anyway. Of course if there is a possibiliy to get a link in a more useful sites - do that as well. But in a sum - any link will be useful for increasing your SEO results. Keep going
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    What's the cheapest stock image website?

    Have you tried So far I find it one of the most cheapest and pretty rich in its content. While you might see that images are repeating in different stock sites - this one will be a solution to find a little different images for your usage. Cheers
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    Blog Traffic

    Hello, There are a few suggestions on how one could actually increase the traffic to his/her blog. Here's my suggestions: 1) Guest blogging - you could write some really quality texts and then share them on guest blogging sites. However, you need to find some high authority having sites so...
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    5 plugins you use on your every wordpress blog

    Hello, These are our options: 1) All in one SEO pack - that will optimize your blog for SEO. 2) W3 total cache - improves user experience and page speed. 3) Wordfence - didn't count but it claims to make the website 50 times faster and more secure. 4) Contact form - great tool to create a...
  14. C | Shared 40% Off | Cloud from $15.72 | VPS from $1.80 | Dedicated from $48.3

    24/7 support was temporarily unavailable due to lack of human resources. However, it will be back really soon - on the 2nd of March. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.
  15. C | Shared 40% Off | Cloud from $15.72 | VPS from $1.80 | Dedicated from $48.3

    Hello Veheme, we personally escalated your case to our head of support and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and the uncomfortable experience over the live chat. We will take your feedback on the chat handling and improve on in. Thank you for being with us and thank you for feedback. It...
  16. C | Shared 40% Off | Cloud from $15.72 | VPS from $1.80 | Dedicated from $48.3

    Hello, If we talk about our hosting plans, I think our Gold plan would be enough for you. If you need a free dedicated IP, more bandwidth, you could also choose Platinum plan. To the Platinum plan we could also add a free SSL certificate for you (if you need it ofcourse).
  17. C | Shared 40% Off | Cloud from $15.72 | VPS from $1.80 | Dedicated from $48.3

    Hello SPPChristian, Could you please give us your registered client e-mail (through PM ofcourse)? I would like to check what was happening within the tickets. In case where the service up time was not up to expectations a full refund should have been given. For the fraudulent order, PayPal...
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    IPv4 addresses are available to be leased at low cost!

    Hello Jimy, Are you looking just for IP's or IP's + VPS/Dedicated server?
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    IPv4 addresses are available to be leased at low cost!

    Hello, At this time, we only give different C-Class IP's, which can be seen in our SEO Hosting page - You can read more about what is VPS hosting in our blog post - If you have any more...
  20. C | Shared 40% Off | Cloud from $15.72 | VPS from $1.80 | Dedicated from $48.3

    Hello MexiLu, Yes, the web hosting Bronze plan does not not qualify for this promotion - it can only be used with Silver, Gold and Platinum web hosting plans.
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