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  1. YSL

    High Authority Multi Pages Web 2.0-V2

    Send me a sample!
  2. YSL

    ParagonWritings - High-Quality/Well-Researched Content - Special Discount Offer

    Kindly send me samples of Amazon Product review
  3. YSL

    Forum Posting

    Yes, so whats the easiest way to find the niche related forums. What is the keywords to key in the google search bar. niche + forum
  4. YSL

    Forum Posting

    Nice sharing, so what will be the easiest way to search for high DA forum that is niche related? Forum + Niche?
  5. YSL

    Forum Posting

    Thanks for your input all :)
  6. YSL

    [Journey] Growing A Money Site Network To $10,000 A Month!

    This is interesting.... Just happen to read and will follow this. Intending to start my own Journey thread :)
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    Whats the duration of the video and would appreciate if you can send me some samples.
  8. YSL

    Forum Posting

    Dear all, I would like to know if forum posting is still effective in 2018. Does niche relate forum carry more weight? How would be the best way to link back to your site? Keywords link as signature or have create a banner to link back. Appreciate your feedback on this :)
  9. YSL

    ✅GET A HEAD START ✅ Incredible Amazon AFFILIATE Websites Already Ranking ✅

    Ok, I have received my site. Hacko was very kind and responsive to assist and advice me on the hosting and even help me migrate the site.:D The site is beautifully design with logo and great articles targeting low competitive keywords. Price tag on the items from Amazon is average $150. I have...
  10. YSL


    Any travel related ones?
  11. YSL

    ✅GET A HEAD START ✅ Incredible Amazon AFFILIATE Websites Already Ranking ✅

    I just manage to grab one of this amazing site. Waiting for the site to be transfer. Will share more later. Intend to start a learning Journey with growing Authority site.
  12. YSL

    ♛♛ Start Your Dropshipping Business With Shopify & Facebook Ads - 15,000$+/mo ♛♛

    Hi, Would like to see some samples and a short discussion if possible.
  13. YSL

    ADSENSE MONEY MAKERS!! Join the team & Make Regular Income from Adsense!!Free SEO Guide!

    can send me some sample and demo sites? How long till earnings seen?
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