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  1. nerrvana

    Really need some money.. any ideas?

    Your aspiring to $60/yr. Do you live in some sort of cardboard box. C'mon man think a little bigger, seriously.
  2. nerrvana

    VCC Reseller

    click my i trader feedback. that user is reliable or was as I don't know if they still sell. nvrmind they were banned
  3. nerrvana

    6k to invest. Where should I drop it?

    Learn the nuances and the's and dont's of PPC,trust me you will be banking.
  4. nerrvana

    Earn 10-20$ per day with PPD! (Guide for newbies).

    Good luck OP. Nice way to make a few bucks. Suggestion ad CPA into the mix.
  5. nerrvana

    I am noob,but I have strone wish to earn.

    What the...seriously. waste of bandwith is what this is
  6. nerrvana

    Took a huge downfall :(

    lesson learned. Just do what you did, except do it better this time. $20 a day off a blog. good job.
  7. nerrvana

    A big hello from Florida

    Hello welcome. good luck on your future ventures
  8. nerrvana

    Easy Way To Make Money - No Investment Needed.

    Nice share OP. This can be tweeked with a little more effort and protection, and a rinse and repeat formula. Get a few of these hustles going and bank. I myself will not be trying this, but it seems doable. You can make a very very nice living with the ebaay game. Good luck
  9. nerrvana

    The ABSOLUTE Easiest way to Start From $0

    Scaled up this can make high $$..combining this with other have yourself a FT income.
  10. nerrvana

    I just rick rolled 394 people in 24 minutes

    This should be in the Lounge or better yet deleted.
  11. nerrvana

    Taking 50 BHW members to Vegas in October

    Been to LV twice since December. Ohh lots of fun. If this occurs..I'm in..but I'll pay for myself. subscribed.
  12. nerrvana

    $100/daily with CPA realistic? advice I can give is if you fail miserably..keep plugging away. its definitely achievable and then some.
  13. nerrvana

    Black Hat Method To Getting Pussy!

    The thread for head :D
  14. nerrvana

    Can someone help me to get started ?

    Hey OP...$10 a month? Sign up at microworkers. Do the tasks and you'll make $40 + a month. You get paid by paypal, alertpay, and moneybookers.
  15. nerrvana

    Most People Here Dont Make Money

    Truth is, we all like to gather around and sing Koombuya for the hell of it. This money making stuff is just a front.
  16. nerrvana

    Did I do something wrong?

    Why don't you just ask your Affiliate Manager? Since they contacted you and took you off of it, I'm sure they will know.
  17. nerrvana

    You have to be kidding me...most of my niche sites deindexed, $300/day lost

    Maybe writing about some of the products being offered in these coupons..adding a sidebar...jan,feb,march,april etc...just making it less spammy.
  18. nerrvana

    PLEASE Help a very poorly little girl

    I lost my 4 year old brother to a horrible disease.I feel for the family. OP, I will be making a donation.
  19. nerrvana

    My goal is to earn 1Million Dollars in 500 Days .Encourage me guys.

    Why is this in BH SEO. With all these threads, maybe make a spot where the posters can put these "Diaries" or "Goals" or whatever these threads are..thats always seem to die.
  20. nerrvana

    Dr. Dre Monster Studio Beats

    OP stated they are replicas..obviously going by the price.
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