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  1. solomontheverysane

    buying reviews/sales for ETSY on 2 stores

    anyone providing the title's services? And can you walk me through how to do it, like do I have to make a new listing for the reviewer?? I want 2 reviews on both stores (4 total). and anyone got booster tips???
  2. solomontheverysane

    is there a way to see a single page traffic information for example search results for pillows on ebay?

    basically the title, I want to know how many people are browsing pillows on eBay (example) is there any sort of service that can provide this if so please let me know.
  3. solomontheverysane

    how do you get your etsy store unbanned?

    My Etsy store was suspended due to the belief that my items arn't handmade items, I eventually got it unbanned by providing false evidence that it is handmade (its not). 2 days later I was suspended again with no email regarding why this time, does anyone have any tips and tricks to get there...
  4. solomontheverysane

    anyone know anyone that works at etsy that can get my store unbanned $$

    ayo checkit yea, my wicked store yea, she got suspended. And I heard a little birdy saying that some Etsy support employees use these forum or wat not innit. anyone got there name or anyone able to unban me $$ aight wicked, westside im out boo yaka sha
  5. solomontheverysane


    make sure you perform a gud photoshop job on it, found this on Pinterest, perfect tutorial
  6. solomontheverysane


    What website are you using, with stripe
  7. solomontheverysane

    Got 10K to yolo, any passive income or money making ideas?

    yeah than hit up schools next, jackpot
  8. solomontheverysane

    Got 10K to yolo, any passive income or money making ideas?

    Made 10k selling children and I want some passive income ideas or just money-making methods or even the odd IRL GTA 5 money glitch, willin to put in the dedication so throw out some hard ones but nothing for me that involves going outside. don't sell me ur shit boo yaka sha, check dis
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