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  1. TNT-Lancs

    [JV] Looking To Partner Up 50/50 With CPA

    Hey hey, In my desperation to finally quit my job I invested a pretty large amount into a superb CPA mastermind coaching program. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say it on here but obviously if you're interested in this JV offer I will of course disclose via PM. I'm looking to partner up with...
  2. TNT-Lancs


    Interested in your service details, how long have accounts been active?
  3. TNT-Lancs

    [MY JOURNEY] Instagram 0 - 100,000 Followers From Scratch

    Day #2 of the journey... So, it's been a pretty freakin good day in regards to getting leads into my business opportunity. As I mentioned in my opening post, I invested in a paid shoutout/bio link from an account in the same niche. This involved said account putting my link (to my squeeze...
  4. TNT-Lancs

    [MY JOURNEY] Instagram 0 - 100,000 Followers From Scratch

    Hey all, After reading @Simplyliving journey on building his Instagram empire here It's inspired me massively to focus all of my attention on building my own Instagram empire... And I plan to detail it...
  5. TNT-Lancs

    [GET] 20 +1's to your link

    Hi, has your G+ community any specific topic?
  6. TNT-Lancs

    What's Your Favorite Movie?

    Ah man, too many! Training day, Casino, Bronx Tale to name a few! More recently Wolf of Wall street!
  7. TNT-Lancs

    How can i turn 100 dollars into a steady income asap

    Build a sales funnel - choose niche, create free giveaway product or PLR product, squeeze page to collect emails in exchange for the free gift, closely related OTO either your own product, a PLR product or a related affiliate product, autoresponder follow up sequence promoting your own and...
  8. TNT-Lancs

    What are some good methods out there now? HELP!?

    There are literally a ton of ways to choose from here on BHW. If you are wanting to stick with CPA then invest in paid traffic! Chat with your affiliate manager on MaxBounty and find the best converting offers using your choice of traffic. Email and Zip submits are the easiest to convert but...
  9. TNT-Lancs

    hello everybody :D

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  10. TNT-Lancs

    Best host for 5+ Domains?

    I can highly recommend d9 hosting, their support is the best I have ever encountered. Brilliant service!
  11. TNT-Lancs

    Hey guys, I started a personal blog and need a bit of advice

    I also think Clickbank would be your best option. I would upload your paid ebook to clickbank, and offer your free eBook as either a ethical bribe to build your email list and once someone opts in they are taken to the paid eBook (If closely related) or offer the paid eBook in your autoresponder...
  12. TNT-Lancs

    Making My First WordPress Website

    As said, it can be daunting at first. But once you have played about as little things fall into place nicely and make sense. You'll soon be a wp wizard! Posted via Topify on Android
  13. TNT-Lancs

    How can my Autistic brother make money from home?

    I like this idea! You and your brother could put together an ebook or alike about bringing up a child with autism/aspergers. Definitely a market for it and with both your experience should be a detailed report! Posted via Topify on Android
  14. TNT-Lancs

    [GET] Freelance Copywriting - John Carlton

    Nice one for sharing this! Posted via Topify on Android
  15. TNT-Lancs

    Noob taking the first step ! Building something out of nothing!

    Good luck with this bud, just one thing, focus on one or two methods at a time and spend enough time on each method. Otherwise you lose focus Posted via Topify on Android
  16. TNT-Lancs

    a clickbank newb have 1 question

    Not to sure what you mean, I think the answer to your question if I have it right is that the products with n/a have yet to make sales? Posted via Topify on Android
  17. TNT-Lancs

    [JOURNEY] Amazon KDP for Extra Cash

    Good luck with your journey buddy. Looking forward to seeing your results Posted via Topify on Android
  18. TNT-Lancs

    Like how to increase them naturally?

    What I would do is join Facebook groups, g+ groups, LinkedIn groups that are all relevant to your video topic. Become active in the group and share your content and videos in that group. You could also do the same in relevant forums. Posted via Topify on Android
  19. TNT-Lancs

    How To Rank Youtube Videos Really Fast?

    Youtube also have a keyword tool - Not sure how effective it is as never used myself but its there to take a look at
  20. TNT-Lancs

    Like how to increase them naturally?

    Share your video on social media sites like facebook in relevant groups to the topic of your video
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