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  1. artswerdstone

    I need Adult Hosting for Wordpress Blog allows adult content. And best of all is that you can earn free hosting. Earn Free Hosting Get two FREE months + 75 GB (75000 MB) extra web space when you refer a new customer - they get 75 GB extra space too! How it works For each new customer you refer, you will receive two...
  2. artswerdstone

    Need a sales copy writer....!!!

    For a good qualified offer you may consider to tell something about your projects to be reviewed.
  3. artswerdstone

    need reliable offshore hosting allows adult content and it has the servers in Europe. Somewhere I posted a coupon.
  4. artswerdstone

    Anyone Remember The Viral Script?

    It was really worth to refer 15 people. And now it comes without password to unpack and with tutorial as promised. Great job done, Scott!
  5. artswerdstone

    Paypal Mastercard Gift card usefull

    Well, doing a short research on Google I found some links like these hereunder Do your own evaluation, I never tried these services.
  6. artswerdstone

    Used FBP and get a warning

    Why don't you take the natural way? Start playing some social games, like Farmville or Mafia Wars, and enroll to a couple of FB friend pimping services? The good pimps will send you hundreds of friends who play your favorite game. Just be able to click to accept friendship, and keep playing your...
  7. artswerdstone

    Paypal Mastercard Gift card usefull

    Here is the link that you can read more, if you have a PayPal account: But also: "We?re sorry but the PayPal Plug-In is currently only available in the United States and is not offered in any other...
  8. artswerdstone

    Anyone Remember The Viral Script?

    Hi Scott, and thanks for the script. Now I see, this comes with "I hate Julia" story. :) Anyway, I am not going for rated adult subject seeking visitors, thus I need to change the script a little. Could you help me a little? I was not able to find the quick start video in the download, while on...
  9. artswerdstone

    Anyone Remember The Viral Script?

    I am trying to get the script, but I still need two more referrals to unlock the downloading link: Can somebody help me by using the above link to get his own copy of the script?
  10. artswerdstone

    I missed for a while...

    I've bought some dumbbells and a barbell to keep my body in shape between keyboard sessions. :)
  11. artswerdstone

    I missed for a while...

    I missed for a while from the online life, just to fix my life and my body. Surprisingly, yahoo disabled my account and deleted all my emails and addresses, Google Adsense terminated my account for I can't know which of their policy, plus I had to start with a virgin hard disk in my laptop. Not...
  12. artswerdstone

    Anyone have an HONEST Chinese wholesaler?

    I only can advise to try any of the many trade platforms, like or for instance, and get some experience there. Purchasing a premium account used to be a good investment.
  13. artswerdstone

    How to save camtasia movies to my machine??

    Have you tried to convert the video into some other format (which may be supposedly liked by YouTube)? You may play the video on your PC and re-record it with Camtasia Studio or other appropriate software, then save it in a format you wish.
  14. artswerdstone

    Best offshore bank?

    Have a look at loyalbank[dot]com.
  15. artswerdstone

    BMD, anyone purchased it?

    Don't buy from this spammer, he is same person with tdlovepc who has been banned. Or if you want, buy from him and say goodbye forever to your fifty bucks you are going to pay him as a charity donation to save him from starvation. License keys are no subject to any resell.
  16. artswerdstone

    Free Domain for One Year - For Small Business only

    This is an old thing and have been published several times in the forums. Register offers "try before buy" domain registration service. It's free for the first year, then you will pay starting from your second year a fee higher, than cheap registrars used to charge you.
  17. artswerdstone

    Is it possible to track down the sender of an email?

    What does it mean a "made up yahoo" e-mail? Is that e-mail real, or it is not existing? If the e-mail is real, eventually you may send him an e-mail with a tracking pixel or a tracking image. Eventually he will get the e-mail and he will open it, while your server will track his IP address.
  18. artswerdstone

    Kung Fu Or Yoga ?

    It's hard to give you a good reply without knowing your way to be; but, if you can't decide, perhaps you will need a bit from both; thus go for Tibetan Buddha's Palm exercises. The beauty of the game is to find the method and find a good instructor or master. Go for Buddha's Palm.
  19. artswerdstone

    Dell or HP Laptop?

    Good choice. Congratulations for your new laptop! You're always welcome.
  20. artswerdstone

    Dell or HP Laptop?

    I'd go for the brand that offers the best support.
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