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  1. suzieq

    My Journey To Flipping An Amazon Affiliate Site For $XX,XXX

    Nice journey, enjoying your progress, well done! With regard to your domain name, is it an EMD, or related to your keywords, or totally unrelated? Looked through the thread & cannot see any reference to it. Thought I'd ask :)
  2. suzieq

    Watch Me Beat Penguin AND I'll Give you $100

    Has it started generating any income yet? What are the visitor numbers looking like? Great test, fingers x'd for ya!
  3. suzieq

    The new "Webspam Algorithm Update" - Thoughts, Effects and Aftermath

    Yeah I heard it was a manual update, where some webmasters were supposedly emailed and asked how they were linkbuilding, in order to try and identify the blog networks, supposedly.. I also saw some posts about too many identical keyword backlinks hitting sites, and plugins like wp unique...
  4. suzieq

    WP Content Spinner vs WP Unique. Share your review

    Ooooh, I cannot comment on content spinner, but wp unique I suspect has deindexed my pr3 site recently and hit some others. If you search around the bhw forum and the big g, doing some research on the penguin affect, there appears to be webmasters getting hit left right and centre with this...
  5. suzieq

    $500 daily to $5k daily

    I like the look of $500 to $5k daily and you appear to be doing really well, good work, provided the labour costs, overheads and subsequent running costs do not exceed this income to create a loss... So do you make a substantial profit each month out of these numbers? If so, you have total...
  6. suzieq

    $10 Top Quality Backlinks - .EDU .GOV ++Scrapebox Blasts and Auto Approve List++ $10

    Couple of questions, what is the price if I buy one of each of the packages? And what details do you need for each of the postings from me? Thx
  7. suzieq

    Ok girls, answer me this... (No guys allowed thread)

    Nothing too heavy or overpowering, but it needs to match a guys' personality and confidence. Clean and fresh is good too!
  8. suzieq

    Ill feed you leads till my hands bleed

    Need more information on the type of markets and users that you are targeting, along with what else is available to then find a way to try and work out how best to convert them for top earnings. PM me more info if still doing this.
  9. suzieq

    Partnership : Huge profit, project already up ** ONLY FOR SERIOUS **

    What are the anticipated returns like? i.e. 30% of what? 1 or 1,000,000? What timeframe can an investor expect a return in - how quick and for how long? Any previous other successes, and what were the costs/returns like?
  10. suzieq

    working with telemarking company, ideas to monetize? JV friendly.

    Do they have any skills sets or expertise in any particular markets? What are their locations/language skills like?
  11. suzieq

    [JV] Start a SEO/Outsourcing Company-Office Setup

    What are the total startup and ongoing costs that you anticipate with this project, and are you able to self manage? What successes/experience/testimonials have you had in online previously? What programming skills do you have and backlink building, written English and SEO skilss? Please pm...
  12. suzieq

    JV - Have a HOTKEYS Account? We'll Make it Earn $20K Every Month!

    Does this work with S*do? I have a parking account and the domains, but not with the companies you stated...
  13. suzieq

    [METHOD] ScrapeBoxTuts: How to Successfully "Hi-Jack" 100s of Thousands of Backlinks

    Super vids, learnt a few things from your shortcuts, and your voice is sooo soothing, great to listen to! any chance of the rest of the vids? :-) thx
  14. suzieq

    Aseo Hosting - Any Users on BHW?

    Seohosting offer multiple c class ips(they are related to Hostgator). Haven't tried them myself as a bit too expensive right now for me, but I think a few of the bigger IM guys use them (or at least 'claim' to). Godaddy allow multiple sites and are fairly cheap, I struggled getting wp blogs to...
  15. suzieq

    [GET]Who wants a free autoapprove .edu backlink?

    comments are now disabled on this site.
  16. suzieq

    Zuckerbergs Ethics

    I think I need to see this film, it sounds intriguing! I knew there were issues about the platform and copyright of ideas, but this looks fascinating. In business, I personally think you should treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself - afterall, the ones you see on the way up...
  17. suzieq

    [SB] Dissapointed with Scrapebox

    @greenleaf4u - It is a addon in Scrapebox for finding blogengine auto approve blogs.
  18. suzieq

    Scrapebox - Drupal Blog Commenting Success Ratre

    I'm intrigued! do tell me more :-)
  19. suzieq

    [SB] New Footprint Tricks

    Does it not search for all 4 blog platforms at once if you choose that option?
  20. suzieq

    OK..So are linkwheels the way to go? (basic SEO questions..)

    If you just search through Micallef's posts, you'll soon find the gem.
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