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  1. kevincrashout

    Where to start?

    Make sure your friend is well-versed in the subject matter for their opinion to carry weight. And don't get too bogged down by what others say, especially if it doesn't always line up with reality. If your friend was able to spot on about your results being off, go ahead and ask for his help...
  2. kevincrashout

    2024 Bull Run & US Elections

    Since I've been immersed in the crypto scene, I've been talking to people who believe the US presidential election triggers a bull run in the market. What is your opinion on this? Do you think you will overcome 2021? IMO, it's a good time to invest. I will be increasing my portfolio in the...
  3. kevincrashout

    Bitcoin at 29k

    ETF approval rumors, keep an eye on the news, a good opportunity may arise!
  4. kevincrashout

    Benefits of a premium domain?

    I'm in the process of giving my company a fresh look, and we settled the new name before checking if the domain was available. It was listed as a premium domain and it comes with a hefty price tag. I heard that certain factors like having only 5 letters can jack up the price. I'm not really...
  5. kevincrashout

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome plm, make sure you read the rules before you start posting in the forum!
  6. kevincrashout

    Noob here

    Welcome to BlackHatWorld! Make sure you read the rules before you start posting in the forum.
  7. kevincrashout

    Where to 'lose' next

    If you want a safe investment, bet on the sure thing: BTC and ETH. Maybe Solana (SOL) can be a good option to your portfolio.
  8. kevincrashout

    Web3 enthusiast

    Try to follow some NFT influencers on Twitter (X), most sell their posts and end up posting scams, don't use them to follow advices. But they will update your timeline with news, over time you will find the right people to follow
  9. kevincrashout

    Satoshi Nakamoto Is back

    I think Satoshi has been gone for quite a while now.
  10. kevincrashout

    What to do with 1,4 Gbps internet speed

    Maybe have a machine to run a game server, Minecraft servers used to be very profitable in the past, I don't know anymore nowadays
  11. kevincrashout

    If you could give one advice to every new crypto investor, what would it be?

    I'd say: "Do not put your money into it". Crypto becomes an addictive thing, in the end the profit is never made, leverage strategies become common and many people not even know what they are doing. Be very well instructed or get out, there are certainly other areas where your money will...
  12. kevincrashout


    Welcome Dready, glad to have you here! BHW is the spot to build connections and get some freelance jobs
  13. kevincrashout

    Hello BHW All Member

    Welcome to BlackHatWorld! Make sure you read the rules before you start posting in the forum.
  14. kevincrashout

    Hi I'm new member

    Welcome to BHW Dulan!
  15. kevincrashout

    What business model do you recommend?

    You're young, I would focus on developing some specific knowledge, such as learning a programming language or some area of digital marketing such as dropshipping. Take a time to read personal development books, it can also bring interesting insights.
  16. kevincrashout

    Google from decades ago was more useful than now

    The best understanding of SEO means that the relevant pages are not actually the best/most effective but from whoever has the best marketing team
  17. kevincrashout

    Guys i have a big audience on Instagram, so how to make money any one can help?

    One option is to look for an online casino and advertise them for a fixed amount plus an affiliate link. Producing content about this niche can also attract the attention of larger platforms and generate a good contract opportunity.
  18. kevincrashout

    How do programmers stay Awake

    Aderall or venvanse and coffee
  19. kevincrashout

    What s the Best site to hire a développer ?

    Use a script to spam DMs in LinkedIn and Twitter ads, it's a effective.
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