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  1. Deborah Velez

    Ebay account permanently suspended..

    Check your mail box, You get to know why your account was disabled.
  2. Deborah Velez

    hello bhw friends

    Welcome to BHW
  3. Deborah Velez

    How to increase MOZ's DA? How much time does it take to increase +1 Moz DA ?

    Take links from different niche which have different link profile. for example if you are building link in Design & development, most of the sites have link profile, so you not getting the best value (As per DA) take link from another niches which are also somehow related to their site, surely...
  4. Deborah Velez

    ******** vs Nofollow question?

    To make it natural you need no-follow links also. And google love all natural
  5. Deborah Velez

    How can I find a niche as a beginner?

    Explore amazon by every single catagory
  6. Deborah Velez

    How to Build Links and Increase DA of Site ?

    Take do-follow links from other high page rank pages (Niche edit)
  7. Deborah Velez

    ✅ A former OBESITY CHARITY Domain Turned into a WEIGHT LOSS PILL Review Site ❌❌ No About/author page, no Address, no E-A-T but it FU**ING RANKS!

    Next time hide the competitor names to keep the privacy,its very easy track by competitor sites:p
  8. Deborah Velez

    What can I post and where if I am not a Jr. VIP?

    Please follow the innstruction:
  9. Deborah Velez

    Earn Min $1K /Mo (Guide Included) ⛔ Possibly The Best PAA Informative Automation Blogging On The Forum ⛳ Comment For Discount

    Fresh domain taking time to rank,right? Can i see the sample please.
  10. Deborah Velez

    Jasper content is plagiarised, what to do?

    Isnt there any AI for copy free an article?
  11. Deborah Velez

    How do we scrape expired county specific domains

    try Expireddomains. net
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