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  1. JesterKI

    Search a Hoster with Paysafe Card Payment and Anonymous Register

    I am looking for a hoster who can offer anonymity and allows PaySafeCards as payment. The site does not host phishing Scripts or similar things. But the Payment Methods: Paypal is not anonymous and creditcard and bitcoins cannot be bought anonymously here.
  2. JesterKI

    TurboEAC Alternative?

    Hello I had bought the Email Creater at that time. However, all service was disabled. Is there a new bot for the fast creation of emails?
  3. JesterKI


    I have the Elite Rank on your Page. Can you enable Auto PayPal? User : JesterK
  4. JesterKI

    Pinterest spreads posts service?

    The following thing. I see at a competitor that their images and articles on Pinterest have been pinned on over 50 boards. These boards all have the name of a keyword and most importantly those are from Pinterest from different top level domains. .fr .de .se .ch .at But his pictures are...
  5. JesterKI

    A good template or tool to create a report

    I am looking for a tool to make Instagram analytics reports for clients. Which one would you recommend?
  6. JesterKI

    FoxPush Dead?

    Is FoxPush dead and no longer supported? Tickets are not answered. PayPal plan for an error message. And 2-FA and backup codes do not work anymore. Does anyone know anything about this?
  7. JesterKI

    TurboEAC - Download Link missing

  8. JesterKI

    TurboEAC - Download Link missing

    TurboEAC - Email Account Creator was offered by a user here. I bought it at that time. Now my PC had to be formatted. I wanted to download the program but there was no more download link and the sale threat is closed because the user no longer responded. Does anyone have the program ? I have my...
  9. JesterKI

    Spotify Plays dont work anymore on Panels?

    Is a panel here that still has a functioning Spotify Service?
  10. JesterKI


    Order ID Spotify: 1889248 , 1848391, 1826404
  11. JesterKI

    Spotify Plays dont work anymore on Panels?

    Does anybody know what's going on with Spotify Plays? I ordered from 4 panels. Target Service and regular. So far, none of them have delivered. It's been 5 days. All orders are in progress. But not a single delivery.
  12. JesterKI | SMMPANEL | Spotify | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter & 500+ Other services

    Can i have a Test Copy User: JesterK And activate PayPal
  13. JesterKI

    TurboEAC - Email Accounts Creator

    I purchased you Software. Can you add a few providers? AOL
  14. JesterKI

    Store Bitcoins anonymously

    How do I keep Bitcoins Anonymous? - There are Hardware Wallets. What are your experiences? Are they safe? - Which wallets can you recommend without ID verification? - Are you using several Wallets?
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