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  1. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    You do know this is a black hat forum? Right? And Sitejunk is not your typical spinner etc. Also, if someone says something nice. You should give thanks. And currently, we dont have "customers" only beta testers and the majority of them are happy and we are working together to make a good...
  2. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    We are showing that your ticket was responded to within an hour. If you are still having problems. You can contact me here, or directly to support AT Would you care to explain what kind of saturation you are talking about? Also people, you do often get better results if you...
  3. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    Did you try to enter your keyword/phrase in quotes? That will make sure that the words are in the articles. Also, Phil, have you been using our system? Or do you just drop in every once and a while to tell us how you dislike the SiteJunk engine. The engine provides countless ways for people...
  4. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    The SiteJunk beta is rocking and we have well over 2000 beta users. Over the past couple months we have continued to improve the content generator and make the generated results are much better spider food than the v2 engine. Our system has proven to be able take a massive amount of generations...
  5. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    Yes.. this problem can be a number of things, we can help you fix this. We will get to your ticket in the tomorrow. Also, we are going to make a REST api. We realize how easy it will make scripting since request can be made by a simple url get request
  6. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    We can.. It will be easy for us to do it, but as of today, you are the only one that has requested it. PM or email me and let me know what you are looking to do. Yes, the beta is still free. Just add the item to your cart and notice that the price is 0.00. Fill in the info, you must use your...
  7. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    Thanks.. We are certainly working hard on it. We do have a wordpress plugin that will autopost generated articles simply by adding a keywords list to it. You can still sign up for the beta and download the wp plugin Greenhat is methods that make money! I'm not sure if we got dibs on that term...
  8. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    UPDATE:: We rolled up the code to remove the exact duplicated sentences. That should make the content much much better now. Since everything runs through the api core generator, the demo and all plugins will now be duplicate sentence free.
  9. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    No No.. the demo engine has the new content sources built into it and a new sentences analyzer. The duplicates in the demo are going away today or tomorrow, we just gotta update the api core with whats on our dev server. That's now a big coding issue, so don't worry about it. Right now we are...
  10. dbrown

    Content Generator ?

    you should check out our "automatic content generator" we have a demo and a free beta going on right now. It will create content by simply entering a keyword. Also we have a SOAP and NVP api to the content generator engine. Try out the client area, feeder site package and the wordpress plugin...
  11. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    Thanks..We are working hard on it. Just a small update. We started out sitejunk on a dedicated server and the beta has been far more popular than expected. We have upgraded to a much faster server, also this server has a 1000mbit port. The transition was seemless and this server is very fast...
  12. dbrown

    RSSGM and Adssense still make money daily for me.

    We at SiteJunk have the best content generator on the internet. Our generator (JunkGenerator v2) does not create content from rss feeds. Instead we gather content from many many sources and create spider food like no other tool can. You can simply enter a keyword/phrase into our generator and...
  13. dbrown

    SiteJunk Content Generator Beta Release

    You will love it for parasite sites!
  14. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    Thanks for the heads up. I replied to your support ticket as well. We are adding a few features to the client area and the downloads section there is being worked on at the moment. However, you can download the files from the support downloads area now...
  15. dbrown

    Help! I need a good Article Rewriter plugin for wordpress

    We have updated the SiteJunk content generator (JunkGenerator v2) and the results are better than ever. Also you can use quoted searched to narrow your generations even further.
  16. dbrown

    SiteJunk Content Generator Beta Release

    All of you that signed up have been actived and we are using an even better JunkGenerator engine than before!
  17. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    We are thinking about a quick desktop app written in adobe air or java. However it will still interface with the api and internet access will be needed. Plus the SiteJunk JunkGenerator uses many online source to generate content. There is no way to do it offline Each SiteJunk article is...
  18. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    Oh we are fully dedicated now that we have time to focus on it. We have made a ton of progress on SiteJunk this week. We have been working alot with the core generation engine and are making sure it does not have any dupe sentences. Also we are pulling from many more sources now. The plugins are...
  19. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    login is up on the upper right hand side of the site.. this will gett you to get in to your client area.
  20. dbrown

    Post By Keyword Plugin

    SiteJunk is back online and we now have a wordpress plugin that does this. SignUp for the beta, Download the WP v1 plugin (v2 will be out in another week)...
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