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    Yelp advice?

    My business got a negative review this weekend. This is always a stressful experience because our industry is cut throat and I know I know, you might say that if I'm running a good business then negs will be outweighed by my positives. However, Yelp keeps about 10% of my positives (filters out...
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    Looking for city-specific proxies

    I'm interested in Washington, DC specifically. I'm ok with paying / going with a VPN service. I just am having trouble finding any that are city specific. thanks.
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    Laptop stolen! Help me track down this f*cker.

    Are there any keyloggers that *aren't* detected by AVG? I've been playing around with a few and AVG seems to detect and trip them all up, or at least notify the user of their presence. This would pose a problem to discreetly installing and running the key logger on my stolen laptop. I know I...
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    Laptop stolen! Help me track down this f*cker.

    Thanks for your responses and sympathy everyone. That helps, as does reading about some other nightmarish burglary stories in which people lost SO much more than I did. Everything I lost is pretty replaceable, and that's the important thing. I even did an online backup fairly recently...
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    Laptop stolen! Help me track down this f*cker.

    My apartment was burglarized and my laptop stolen this weekend along with a TON of other possessions. I had logmein installed on it, so that offers a glimmer of hope for recovering my things I'm thinking. I've been monitoring the laptop, and the next time it comes online I'll then have the...
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    Ad network that allows you to choose the ads posted?

    When browsing I've come across a few ads that I think would be particularly effective on my site. Are there any ad networks that allow you to pick and choose the ads that go on your site? Or is it always just a fully automated thing?
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    Put specific ads on your site?

    Hi, I've got a blog that gets 200 hits a day. I know that's not a lot and I can't make a ton off it, but I figure there must be some way to do better than I've been doing in the past which is making zero to pennies. I've tried adsense and the ebay affiliate program so far. My latest idea...
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