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  1. AnastasiaSwan

    Over 50% of crypto transactions on exchanges are fake

    No, I don't believe in it. It is possible that fake transactions take place in some exchangers, but definitely not in such a large number.
  2. AnastasiaSwan

    Crypto Trading

    It may be possible, but it will definitely take more than one - two year.
  3. AnastasiaSwan

    Best way to convert ETH to USDT

    Try Exolix, I am very satisfied with this exchanger. Fast swaps, no registration and KYC needed
  4. AnastasiaSwan

    BTC price at the end of year 2022

    About $30000!
  5. AnastasiaSwan

    What's wrong with world's cryptos?

    Just HODL. The bull market is about to come, it just needs a little time. Now not only cryptocurrency is in decline, the entire global financial system is not in the best condition.
  6. AnastasiaSwan

    Best privacy wallet?

    I use Ledger. Сan recommend this wallet
  7. AnastasiaSwan

    Has the charm of crypto gone because of so many regulations?

    I don't think the cryptocurrency is losing its charm because of this. It seems to me that the crypto is now, on the contrary, just beginning to gain popularity.
  8. AnastasiaSwan

    Best SMS verification site?

    Thanks for answers! I was also looking for this information.
  9. AnastasiaSwan

    How to work on pinterest

    Pinterest is a great opportunity to express yourself and your interests, but it will take some time and work to achieve any results.
  10. AnastasiaSwan

    Is there any way of generating leads for free?

    Developed social networks are a good opportunity to attract new leads for free. But it is also hard and time-consuming work.
  11. AnastasiaSwan

    Weekend Plans

    I'm having my first windsurf lesson this weekend.
  12. AnastasiaSwan

    What's your name?

    My name is Anastasia Swan. Nice to meet you!
  13. AnastasiaSwan

    Any ad revenue fetish people here?

    It is also interesting to know the answer to your question.
  14. AnastasiaSwan

    How or where can I learn how to successfully run blackhat ads?

    As far as I know, to advertise cryptocurrency on Facebook, you need to have certain licenses that Meta approves.
  15. AnastasiaSwan

    How smm panels are getting accounts?

    They create them themselves with the help of bots or buy them.
  16. AnastasiaSwan

    Just for your smile )

    Thank you! I had a good laugh.
  17. AnastasiaSwan

    Been lurking for a while, now I'm here

    Welcome back! Hope everything goes well for you this time.
  18. AnastasiaSwan

    I want to offer a service on BHW - how to do it?

    Hello. Could you please tell me how can I get the right upgraded membership and go through the BST Approval process?
  19. AnastasiaSwan

    How To Get Google Ad Account Unbanned (Was Suspended due to "Circumventing Policy Systems"

    This is a fairly serious violation. I hope that the results of the appeal will be comforting for you. If not, good luck creating a new account!)
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