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  1. xboxps3wow

    BHW Members' Rides

    I've been working my ass of for the past few years and finally felt comfortable enough to buy my dream car. It's a 335xi
  2. xboxps3wow

    Weirdest URL of All Time !

    Normalized URL:
  3. xboxps3wow

    Is it possible to become millionaire.

    You either work hard for a long time or get lucky and your shit goes viral or you come up with a genius idea that everyone loves.
  4. xboxps3wow

    I Ate Rat Last Week

    I think this is why people turn vegetarian... would not eat. I'll stick to steak, bacon and chicken.
  5. xboxps3wow

    How To Make at least $7.25 p/hour

    Sorry to tell you, but they don't pay in Cash :(
  6. xboxps3wow

    How To Make at least $7.25 p/hour

    Better idea! Go to college, learn computers, graduate, get a job as helpdesk... do IM while at work! muahahahahahaaaaaa
  7. xboxps3wow

    Wel just broke up.. What next ?:(

    Go on backpage and order yourself a nice whore... them bitches will do w/e you want for few hundred bucks!
  8. xboxps3wow

    Best Ecommerce Website

    Thanks for replying! Question about Magento. Would a non-techie be able to add inventory and manage it after it is set up? (add descriptions, photos, etc)
  9. xboxps3wow

    Best Ecommerce Website

    Hello Everyone! I've been gone for a while now, but need some advice... I've been asked if I could create an eCommerce website for a friend. The thing is that I've never made one before, only static, WP, blogging type of website. What would be the best way of going about this? What are some of...
  10. xboxps3wow

    I feel empty on the inside

    life sucks, what did you expect? Its survival not walk in the park.
  11. xboxps3wow

    What's your making money software right now?

    I pretty much stopped using software few months ago. Maybe I was using it wrong or didn't adjust to the new algos, but it was hurting more stuff then helping. Pretty much do a bit of manual work from time to time, but that's it.
  12. xboxps3wow

    Homeless Teen in Chicago New Here! My Bio:

    Are you the one by OTC?
  13. xboxps3wow

    No internet for 10 years for $2 million, would you do it?

    I've been trying for 2 years and that seems impossible...
  14. xboxps3wow

    All Search Engines will die in 3-5 years, replaced with intuitive technology

    you do realize that there is more to Search engines then just 'how tos'? Plus, i won't replace video content, picture, etc.
  15. xboxps3wow

    Since SOPA didn't go so well, now they're trying CISPA! Basically just a repackaging

    they'll keep trying until they pass it and we won't be able to do shit about it..
  16. xboxps3wow

    Why is my site so bad?

    Design isn't that big of a deal.. I used to have an ugly as site that made $50/day for a year
  17. xboxps3wow

    Effed over by paypal--- HELP ME!

    Don't you have an ID? If not, you will have to get one.. no other way, unless you want to commit fraud.
  18. xboxps3wow

    Google Has Reversed the Downranking of Some Sites

    my traffic dropped 60% :( what did you guys do? anything special?
  19. xboxps3wow

    Information on ram memory

    I don't know how they expect you to write a 20 page report on RAM, when you can't write grammatically at all. :( Is it supposed to be in English?
  20. xboxps3wow

    Why do you use a Content Locker?

    I just use it to lock content on my website.. easy! Getting quality traffic is the hard part.
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