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    Please send order link!
  2. blinggam

    Google July 2021 Core Update Released

    Seems I was right about it not rolling out in USA yet... probably will reach there later today. But if you look at European countries, they're all at 9+ volatility.
  3. blinggam

    Google July 2021 Core Update Released

    Agreed, I've seen this type of thing before. I think it was the May 2020 update that really nuked many of my sites. But after a few weeks when the dust settled down, the algorithm seemed to be tweaked to where many of my sites recovered.
  4. blinggam

    Google July 2021 Core Update Released

    I'm almost positive that it started in the EU first. I've been checking some USA terms and haven't noticed much change. But in EU, there have been some massive changes, bigger than I've seen in years. Or maybe it's just because I monitor more 'dark hat' keywords, not sure... we'll have to see...
  5. blinggam

    Google July 2021 Core Update Released

    Somehow I don't see a thread on this topic which is pretty surprising, as this update has been absolutely massive even though it's not fully rolled out. Here is the official announcement: It will take 1-2 weeks to rollout, but in some European countries that I monitor it has been huge. IMO...
  6. blinggam

    Rank dropped today from 1 to nowhere

    Wtf... one of my main sites had homepage deindexed today. In GSC, it says "Crawled - but not indexed" "Status: Excluded". I did request indexing so we'll see. This is the first time I've seen this, although my friend had it happen to him as well.
  7. blinggam

    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    Hi, Anyway you guys would consider adding an "Image Alive Checker" to the Alive Checker add-on? Many sites are now doing custom error pages, so even though the server sends a "200" response, the image still doesn't work. One way to perhaps do this would be the check in the response header for...
  8. blinggam

    [UPDATED] BHW Member Levels

    I can't edit my posts at all, even after only 1 minute has passed. Am I going insane or is there no edit button? I've had my account for years, I don't understand what's going on here. Update: Wait, there's an edit button here, but not in the Scrapebox BST thread... what in the world is going...
  9. blinggam

    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    What's wrong with Expired Domain Finder that it says "No valid urls found on clipboard". When trying to import a subdomain? Crawler settings is set properly to allow subdomains to be scanned. The URL is Why would this URL and any pages on .edu subdomains not be allowed? I'm confused.
  10. blinggam

    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    Image 1: Old Scrapebox. Good padding, easy to read. Image 2: New version, cluttered together, hard to read. I'm on 1920x1080 with "medium" font size on Windows. Even in your image there's 50-100% less padding than in the old version.
  11. blinggam

    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    Is there any way to get some more padding in the new UI? The URLs are all squashed together with no padding in between them... it looks weird. I've been using for months to avoid upgrading, but finally decided to do so... but the new lists are so close together it looks terrible -_-;
  12. blinggam

    Swap Casino/Betting Links? I've got 20+ sites

    My casino sites are definitely dancing after this update... pretty annoying.
  13. blinggam

    Is BuildMyRank worth it?

    BMR hasn’t been around since like 2011-2012... even their domain redirects to some new service.
  14. blinggam

    These F**king PBNs are waste of money recently

    I’ve seen no evidence that social signals do anything... even social signals that you force to index seem to do nothing. Although maybe with this new “nofollow as a hint” algorithm, if you forcibly index social signals, it could have some sort of impact... not sure, needs to be tested.
  15. blinggam

    These F**king PBNs are waste of money recently

    You also didn’t say what anchors were used... only brand/url? Keyword/partial? Exacts? Anchor text is arguably just as important as the links themselves. Brand/url links are simply not enough in some niches to push any ranks. You need keyword anchors, the algorithm is still really dumb about...
  16. blinggam

    PBN Hosting Review

    Hosting every PBN on a separate “legit” host/IP is not scalable unless you plan on having like 5 domains only. The hosts you name are fine. You can also do stuff like using Amazon S3 buckets for static HTML sites. If you’re really smart, you can figure out Amazon EC2 + Cloudfront and host WP...
  17. blinggam

    most blackhat niche?

    You’re overstating the value of content. The replica/nfl jerseys guys are using a lot of straight duplicate content and mass spam links to rank. NFL jsersys in particular, if you can manage to bypass their cloak (there are ways) you’ll see a lot of it is straight ripped from Yahoo/Twitter etc...
  18. blinggam

    Where is the Ceiling?

    The ceiling is much, much higher than $10k/month.
  19. blinggam

    Is this feasible, 1200 pbns?

    Far as amount of time, being honest, several years. During this time I have learned php and myself coded several scripts that drastically increases the setup time. No, I won’t give out or sell the scripts.
  20. blinggam

    Is it time to change PBN with REAL blogs?

    CF is nice but all your links will he coming from the same A-class IP, and honestly I’m not sure. I personally wouldn’t use it for all my sites. I’m not too worried about competitors seeing my links though... who cares. I only compete in markets where if G was to drop / deindex my sites, they’d...
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