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    Cheapest Social Bookmarking...1300+ Bookmarks - starting @ $5 only with FREE crawling...!!

    I placed an order for the 400 package. 4SY5*********1824 Cheers.
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    Anyone Making Decent Income from Selling Kindle Books?

    Thanks man, appreciate it. Now it is just a matter of me being motivated. Seeing someone else being successful is a huge motivating factor though.
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    Anyone Making Decent Income from Selling Kindle Books?

    Bulldawg88: Thanks man. I searched through the kindle forums last night and found a bajillion threads on writing erotica for the kindle. I should have assumed it would be such a booming niche. For most of the authors it seems like a matter of just churning out as many short stories as they...
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    Anyone Making Decent Income from Selling Kindle Books?

    You have me sort of intrigued now, even though I have no idea what kind of stories you are talking about hehe. My first thought was some sort of romance novels or soft-core porn, but maybe that's just my mind in the gutter. Are you secretly responsible for the Hunger Games trilogy?
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    Anyone Making Decent Income from Selling Kindle Books?

    Its something that I have been interested in doing, but just been motivated enough to start the process. I assume the best area to jump into would be the "how-to" niche, but thats just an assumption. Is there anyway to see what is popular or selling well? OP, without mentioning your...
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    Hey man, service looks great. Is their anyway I could send you my own content to use on the 2.0 properties? Thanks, John.
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    Just purchased a Powerx2 package. Do you need a transaction ID? Thanks.
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    free niches at hubpages

    I think you guys are missing the point. I am sure that the individual earnings of the writers have been exaggerated for the purpose of creating positive PR for Hubpages. However, it is a list of successful authors, with a giant chunk of posts, and a significant base of followers. The things...
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    Daily paying content mills, like Text Broker & iWriter??

    oDesk has been a great option for me; you just have to weed through the contractors looking for writers willing to work for peanuts. Even though it took me a while to find the right contractor, I now work for a Polish SEO company that pays well and and pays weekly. Seriously though, it is...
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    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    Thank you for the speedy reply. :)
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    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    I just ordered a few linkpushes and had a quick question. In order to get the links indexed do you suggest that I: 1. Let them be found naturally. 2. Rely on an external method to speed up the process. Thanks in advance.
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    Any tips for getting into trade shows for free?

    Get access to the venue a few days before the trade show/expo starts and sleep in the bathroom for a few days. Once the trade show starts just pop out and act normal. On a more serious note, free labor seems like your best bet. Whether that means a few hours labor for the trade show operator...
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    Does Page Load Time influence SEO?

    Google currently offers a limited version of their Page Speed Service for free, with the caveat that it will be a billed service at some time in the future. Factoring page speed load times into overall page ranking seems like a great way to get people to pay for Google's service.
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    A 13 Year Old's Journey to $10 a Day

    I am interested in what happens, but worry that if I follow this thread and he does start making money I might have to kill my so-far-unsuccessful-self. Not really, but I will be depressed. Good Luck kid.
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    What is your main income making skill?

    I'm a biology teacher by day, but at night I write articles for textbroker and a few other sites. Most of that money goes into out sourcing link building and other aspects of website development, since I suck at it. I only started writing for textbroker over the summer, and currently have...
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    How In The World Are They Doing This?

    Are the prices super specific on a per item basis, or is it more of a generic categorical price range?
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    How to sleep forcefully?

    Cutting back on the energy drinks and caffeine in general is a big part of it. To much of either can actually cause a feedback loop between your heart and your brain which causes your brain to think you are under extreme stress. A set schedule never hurt either. I know I have a tendency to...
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    Any idea of what charges I might face?

    My younger brother is in jail right now in a similar situation; a variety of minor charges that built up. Here is what happened to him with a public defender. Essentially, the prosecutor exaggerated the severity of all of the charges in an attempt to get him to plead guilty to the least...
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    Illegal to rip YouTube videos?

    I can't even imagine the volume of ripping/reposting that someone would have to do before the material owner decided to actually initiate and follow through with legal proceedings. Aside from that, most companies in a financial position to pursue such proceedings aren't likely to; when large...
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    What I Have Learned About Content.

    I have realized that most web content sort of sucks, and I don't mean the content of sites specifically designed to rank for certain keywords. I recently started trying to rank for a low competition keyword in the financial sector, and while examining the competing sites for an array of...
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