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    Help please. How to make this ads?

    I can't tell just from the screenshot. I suggest using Chrome Dev tools to inspect the ad and you should be able to see who the vendor is (assuming the ad shows on desktop). If the ad doesn't display on desktop, you can still inspect the desktop site and look for where remote scripts are loading...
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    Help please. How to make this ads?

    You're looking for "content locking ads."
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    Any ways to rank faster on google?

    Good info here. To emphasize: if you buy a clean, expired domain, make sure you stick to the niche. So many newbies think they can take an expired domain and write about anything they want. You need to use the expired domain's topical authority. If your links tell Google it's a site about...
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    Any ways to rank faster on google?

    Good keywords, good on-page, submit new content in Google Search Console, and be ranked in less than a day. It probably won't stick as Google does their testing to find the best rank for your content, but sometimes it does stick. Build good links and have a solid internal linking strategy. SEO...
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    Who will beat Amazon?

    It isn't only the competitors. Companies are usually brought down by shifts in technology. You also have to account for the expansion of the market. You're literally witnessing this with your very eyes with cord-cutting, and cable companies. Another example, Microsoft was the king of the tech...
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    Use free proxies for spotify bot?

    Same reason people buy links. They want to rank higher in the algorithm. When you play in Google's sandbox, you buy links, when you play in Spotify's sandbox, you buy plays.
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    Use free proxies for spotify bot?

    If you can scrape the proxies, I can assure you there are security companies doing the same thing and selling blacklists to companies as big as Spotify. You might get some success here and there, but time will be your biggest expense. I learned this early on using public proxies to scrape search...
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    Share some of your stats!

    Stats from one of my properties. I do this full-time.
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    White Hat / Black Hat SEO services?

    There's no single answer to that. It depends on how careful the SEO was with covering their tracks. For example, you can buy guest posts from services. If Google finds out that a site is selling guest posts, they could map all of the sites that were linked to and look at the inbound links and...
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    White Hat / Black Hat SEO services?

    I hate to be this guy, but most services aren't strictly "white hat." Most of them fall into gray hat territory. If you want a truly white hat service, then it usually involves getting on a call with an SEO who can craft a marketing strategy and execution plan. Purely white hat SEO generally...
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    Anonymity and cloudfare

    It's because it gives free SSL, lowers bandwidth usage, and helps to hide the origin IP from other people. That's pretty much it.
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    Anonymity and cloudfare

    If you're concerned about being found legally, then the answer is yes, you'll likely be found. You can give fake info to Cloudflare, but they'll have your origin server IP. Which means, unless you used fake info to buy your hosting and domain (including anonymous payment), then you'll likely...
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    Content generator

    It's been a while since I've messed with it, but GSA makes a content generator (I think it's literally called GSA Content Generator- I think they also have a sales thread for it on BHW) and they have always been an awesome company. They've always updated their software, listened to customer...
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    Cloudfare hosting

    This is right, but I wanted to add one thing: If you're sloppy with your DNS records, then you can end up exposing the origin server IP. Be mindful of that.
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    What are the main differences between vps, shared, and any other types of hosting?

    VPS = Basically running your own server. Often, you are isolated to one physical server (as opposed to a cloud server setup where you exist across a cluster of servers. Managed VPS = Hosting company managing your own server for you. Shared = As many people shoved onto the same server as...
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    Which webhosting provider would you advice

    I've had great experiences with HawkHost, but I would never keep my domains with the web host. Put them on a proper registrar like NameCheap if you can. Dealing with a web host's archaic DNS management application and transferring domains is a pain.
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    Custom website CMS to post articles

    You probably want to look at some of the newer flat-file and static site CMS. Things like Gravity, Hugo, Jekyll, Kirby, etc. They're a bit of an adjustment if you're only used to WordPress, but they'll probably do much of what you want while limiting the amount of custom work you'd need to do...
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    Is Scrapebox still relevant?

    If you're using it to indiscriminately blast garbage comment links, then it likely won't be effective, but Scrapebox does way more. It handles huge datasets better than most other tools out there, especially for its price. Here are just a few of the things you can do: Scrape leads to contact...
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    Bitcoin prices going to mars!!!!

    Vegas wasn't built on winners!
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    I got threatened by a competitor in my niche

    Yes, that was a joke.
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