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    Any good BlockScript alternative you'd recommend, free or not free ?

    Hello, To protect a website from chinese abusers playing with more proxies than I could count (I'm all for proxies and TOR and all that shit, except when my websites are a target), I've been damn pleased with the trial service offered by BlockScript (add a .com and you've got their URL)...
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    Need for an anomyizer script

    I didn't manage to make that code work, it contained a few typos or small forgotten things, and next, I didn't manage to make it work either. In case you guys are interested, I made it work like that in the end : <?php $link=$_POST['Link']; $url=$_GET['i']; function form() {...
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    Need for an anomyizer script

    Hey, thanks a lot guys ! Fartmaster, I looked a bit at secretscript, but it looks like a heavy machine in my eyes, for which I couldn't overview all the code easily, not mentioning the fact it isn't talking about a landing page. Your code, Cyclotrial, looks pretty sweet, I'll try that, thanks...
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    Need for an anomyizer script

    Hello guys, It seems that there's fuckers actively scanning filesharing websites of my niche with a bot, and sending DMCA reports with all the found links. You know the hosts, they never take time to really study if there's a problem, they prefer to mass-delete the reported links. Would you...
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    I need a forum autoposter (I provide the forum list and valid usernames)

    Nice link, Megabump, thanks for it :) It looked fine until I saw, in the FAQ of forumposter, that the program posts his shiet in a randomly chosen thread already existing, instead of creating a fresh new thread, unfortunately :-/ Apart from that, it was exactly what I needed, too bad !
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    I need an autoposter coded, details inside

    Hello, Can a programmer write a tool for me, at what price ? If you're interested, feel free to reply on this thred or by PM. I need a forum autoposter, but not another xrumer. I target less than 100 boards, to share free adult stuff hosted by websites who pay me for the downloads. These...
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    I need a forum autoposter (I provide the forum list and valid usernames)

    To be frank, I've seen discussions elsewhere about older versions of xrumer being available with a crack, but you see, I'm not that interested. My purpose isn't to flood the whole internet with a complicated tool, just to post on a list of a hundred boards that I know of. If you wonder why I...
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    I need a forum autoposter (I provide the forum list and valid usernames)

    Really ? I don't have the impress that's the same use... - Xrumer : posts on millions of boards from a pre-made list, choses a proxy, is capable of creating accounts even when there is a captcha - what I need : a program that makes less than 100 forum posts. I provide the list of the...
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    I need a forum autoposter (I provide the forum list and valid usernames)

    I'm certain Xrumer isn't the only program for that. Or, look at the price, I'm certain the price a dev would take to write something able to do it wouldn't afford as high as the 520$ of Xrumer, don't you think ?
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    I need a forum autoposter (I provide the forum list and valid usernames)

    Hi there, guys, I *suppose* that what I need already exists, without certitude, I'm new here. To say it simply : - I have a list of many forums and subforums, with valid usernames and passwords. The forums are of various types (phpbb, small machines, old or recent, etcetera). - I need a...
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    Or to make money with porn websites you can use paying hosts like usercash/linkbucks for the picture views, CPM banners and adultadworld popunder, and depositfiles/easy-share/sharingmatrix for the zip downloads. But that's meaning you need a lot of traffic, if you don't receive...
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