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  1. makemecash

    Some thing happend in Google SE this month.

    Matt Cutts said it was coming in March, he tweeted it last week, and it has been in multiple discussions of the past week on here.
  2. makemecash

    99Designs Reviews?

    I can vouch for 99designs. When I am over-booked, I head over there. Basically designers fight over your project by offering up their designs to you. Out of the dozen that I have done, I haven't liked 2 of them - both times I just called up the company and they gave me a full refund within...
  3. makemecash

    How much would an EMD be worth?

    It would be more about the value of the domain rather than EMD. In reality, EMD sites have dropped 1.2% over the past 5 days.
  4. makemecash

    My Dad is cycling from London to Brighton (54 miles/87 km) for Charity

    Just donated bro, tell your father best of luck!
  5. makemecash

    Matt Cutts Is a Liar! Penguin and Panda Update Did Not Work! regards to that article and Matt deleting that guy's comment's, it's not that its some secret conspiracy why it got deleted. Read the other comments on Matt's blog, they are all white-hat question or comment based in direct correlation with the actual blog post. His comment was...
  6. makemecash

    Matt Cutts Is a Liar! Penguin and Panda Update Did Not Work!

    Actually it did work for what they were after. You guys are trying to compare it to the disaster back in 2012, but they were targeting specifics this time rather then a broad spectrum within the algo. While you guys are mocking him, be aware that Google has billions at their disposal and are...
  7. makemecash

    Interesting fact about North Korea

    So you think north korea isn't like red communism? Here's a documentary by Vice where they basically bribed the Chinese consulate to sneak them into north korea.
  8. makemecash

    How important is W3C validation for SEO?

    Actually, W3C is factured into G's algo. Simply because a well code site raises it's trust factor, allows bots to flow easier, and is presumed to hold a greater/better user experience. However, load speed is much more important than compliance. Your goal should always be to get your site...
  9. makemecash

    What Method You Use Get Traffic

    "Market Awareness" it's crazy that so many people waste their time trying to build back links or buy them in order to hopefully rank high enough one day to actually generate traffic. however...if you develop a web presence through market research and saturation, the traffic will drive itself...
  10. makemecash

    Site disappeared from Google

    Anytime you think there may be an issue or update to googles algo, just head over to the mozcast:
  11. makemecash

    Lets see how Creative you are !!!

    I don't think anyone got that joke except you and me. Oh...another pointless thread like the one about eating rats...
  12. makemecash

    How much should a custom wordpress site cost?

    There are many developers here including myself that can assist you with that. It all depends on what you need done and the time it will take a developer to code it up assuming that you already have a design. If you don't already have a design, then of course that is added cost and added time...
  13. makemecash

    Lets see how Creative you are !!!

    Roses are red, violets are blue, i hacked your papal, and stole monkey from you... ...for creating a pointless thread ;)
  14. makemecash

    How much would YOU pay for a professional logo?

    Agreed. It's funny that people are saying $5, $50, etc... A logo can literally make or break your business online. Without a quality logo, how can you expect to build a lasting presence on the web? I mean, coca-cola has trademarked the look of the bubbles on their cans for a reason - because...
  15. makemecash

    Free Video Editing Tools

    You can't successfully convert SD resolution videos to HD quality, the pixel definition isn't there. If you take a 400px image and try to convert it to 1920px, it will be distorted - not HD
  16. makemecash

    Is it possible to do this in the WordPress?

    Be aware that with the redirection plugin you are doing a 301 redirect. It would be better for you to skip the redirect and have a straight page. However, if you must do a redirect then use the code below. Since WP is database heavy, the more plugins you use the more server resources you use...
  17. makemecash

    g00gle keep track of ip activity?

    Google has been sued many times for keeping ALL data that it has ever obtained since it's created. Yes, google keeps every record of everything that you have done via your IP, email address, search characteristics...etc. For example, let's say you log into your gmail account and do searches or...
  18. makemecash

    Is it possible to do this in the WordPress?

    You wouldn't actually create a new page, you would create a new category page file. Normally when you create a custom page it would be like "page-aboutus.php", but in this case you would use the category. So it would be like "category-aboutus.php" You can read more about the category...
  19. makemecash

    Get A Fucking Life Neg SEO Assholes!

    Sorry OP, but I would have expected better from you. THIS IS THE WORLD OF IM AND BLACKHAT MARKETING. This isn't a child's game. If you can't take it, then don't dish it out. I'm tired of people complaining that the same methods that they use to "get ahead" are backfiring on them when someone...
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