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  1. leonidt

    "Just 0.5% of facebook users see spam on a given day"

    Wow excuse the fuck out of me...I was close enough to convey my point.
  2. leonidt

    "Just 0.5% of facebook users see spam on a given day"

    95.5% untapped market...
  3. leonidt

    How to Search my "thanked" posts

    Agreed, that option was very useful. I think you should have posted this in the 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback" section.
  4. leonidt

    How do you identify the trusted newbie?

    You're probably going to regret posting this when you sober up.
  5. leonidt

    Ideas for a new ride. Budget $35,000. Give me ideas!!

    Another vote for Mercedes or BMW.
  6. leonidt

    Why is the Topic...Banned?

    He blatantly admitted to ban evasion in another thread today.
  7. leonidt

    What went wrong with this forum?

    I'm also rarely here anymore, but I haven't noticed any more or less scammers since 2008 to now. What has gone up is the number of new members. More inexperienced people looking to get rich quick means more opportunity for scammers to take advantage.
  8. leonidt

    Clouds Of Kush

    My first thought too. :p
  9. leonidt

    50 Things You Need To Give Up Today

    Sorry, all I see is a bunch of tired old cliches. Half of these contradict one another.
  10. leonidt

    I cant believe this

    What's a hyperlink?
  11. leonidt

    The Master Plan To Rule the World
  12. leonidt

    Can someone please help me? Urgent!

    Digitalpoint, those guys will buy anything. I believe you need 7 days and 25 posts before you can sell stuff there. I tell you what. If and when you have a product or service to sell, I'll give you a DP account with 25 posts/registered 2008, ready to post in buy/sell/trade. Take action. ;)
  13. leonidt

    Best way to wake yourself up in the morning?

    This is your lucky day. For only 3 easy payments of 49.97 per month I will personally call you every morning with a unique, legitimate business matter, at a time of your choosing. Your business productivity and social life will skyrocket. This is a limited time offer, so act now! :D
  14. leonidt

    Trying to make a method

    Never a dull moment on BHW.
  15. leonidt

    Need US bank account(s)

    I can do it, my set-up is unique where I don't have to worry about taxes. PM me if you're interested/for details.
  16. leonidt

    Fastest way to lose weight?

    Its pretty simple, burn more calories than you consume, and your body will start burning off fat, which is it's reserve power source. 1) You can reduce your calorie intake by eating less, and more healthier foods. 2) You can increase your calorie burn by doing cardio, running/jogging is...
  17. leonidt

    "The Spam King" has turned himself in

    Pffft, ain't nothing, easily worth the amount of cash he put away. Guys go inside for decades over robbing a liquor store of $100...
  18. leonidt

    If The Global Debt Bubble Bursts, What Will Happen?

    I prefer silver over gold. Silver is not only a precious metal but also a major industrial commodity. Real estate will always have inherent physical value: people need a place to live. Go look at any "housing wanted" section on craigslist right now and you already see people offering just about...
  19. leonidt

    100% accurate mind blowing game

    The obvious conclusion is that the genie IS Matt Cutts. That's how it knows everything...
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