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  1. Indigo Junior

    Hello World

  2. Indigo Junior

    Amazon Affiliate Program- Affiliate Link Question

    This all seems fabricated... :poop: None the less this is considered fraud in the affiliate space and will be treated as such by any vendor that finds out. (P.S. Amazon will find out)
  3. Indigo Junior

    Spam is the only way out

    In truth, they look at your IP as the primary characteristic when you submit a form/post whatever. So over time as you use the same IP (or IPs in case of a pool), they will see that you are sending too many requests via ReCaptcha from the same IP or IP addresses. The selection of pictures is a...
  4. Indigo Junior

    Spam is the only way out

    I guess there is a difference between beating ReCaptcha and beating ReCaptcha on a large scale. They log all IP addresses and will eventually ban your pool of IP addresses. Not saying it can't be beat, but it will take alot of churn and burn to beat on a consistent and scaled basis.
  5. Indigo Junior

    Spam is the only way out

    Can you beat ReCaptcha?? If not your days as a spammer are numbered. Also what happens when the other side actually has some competent developers that block your spamming activity..Your business is killed at that point. You sound like you know what you are doing, but my point is that as a...
  6. Indigo Junior

    Amazon affiliate journey to 1000$ / month

    I am in a similar position as you, I lol'd at "changing the popup to yellow".. Been there done that. I also love your objectives piece at the end. "How do you build a castle? ... One brick at a time". I will be following your journey, best of luck to you!
  7. Indigo Junior

    Motivate myself

    Freedom: Never have to answer to a boss or supervisor again. Control over your time. Work on the things you love!
  8. Indigo Junior

    How to make a SEO for online tool website?

    No problem, hopefully not too long to read :D Good Luck!
  9. Indigo Junior

    How to make a SEO for online tool website?

    Hello there! I recommend you write a how to page about how your tool/service works, this can be considered content. Maybe write an article about how your tool fixes a certain problem, so that when people do a search with "How to fix [The Problem You Solve]" they will land on your how to page...
  10. Indigo Junior

    [Test] How to beat a bookie experiment

    Preferably black tar heroin, the market is hot right now :)
  11. Indigo Junior

    [Test] How to beat a bookie experiment

    Stop gambling and work on something where you control more factors surrounding the outcome!!
  12. Indigo Junior

    How can a powerful Windows VPS be employed?

    That is a monster of a VPS!!
  13. Indigo Junior

    Ebay, Selling an Item buy never shipping?

    Don't do this, it will be difficult to sleep at night. Plus you're making $125?? You're account will be closed and Paypal will have your bank account/your address from the withdrawal.
  14. Indigo Junior

    Is the 'Streaming movies online' business still working?

    Very dangerous, you better be making bank when you get caught so your kids have something to eat while you are in jail :'D Jokes aside, it's not something I would recommend if you are a US resident.
  15. Indigo Junior

    Program that watches Websites for posts and reposts on fb?

    I believe that would be called a scraper
  16. Indigo Junior

    Residential IPs?

    Highly Recommend ... They have dedicated and back connect residential proxies as well.
  17. Indigo Junior

    Need to create Mass Instagram accounts 100

    I was referring to the fact that mass account creation/spam is dead. Not that the platforms are dead. But thanks for the obligatory: tHe MeThOd'S nOt DeAd, YoU jUsT sUcK
  18. Indigo Junior

    Easiest $175/Day Strategy

    Great Tutorial. So you pay the influencer via Paypal?? Correct?
  19. Indigo Junior

    Need backconnect proxies that change on every HTTP request

    StormProxies has proxies that change IP every HTTP request.
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