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  1. the_demon ✅ Self-Service Private Proxies ✅ Instant IP Refresh ✅ Just $0.88/IP + $0.00/GB ⭐Get +50% FREE⭐

    Invoice 88313 : I purchased proxies from this vendor recently they have been very stable and are working good. I have over the years also purchased proxies from this vendor in the past on an as needed basis and he has always come through as reliable. Please double proxies.
  2. the_demon

    INSTANTPANEL.NET SMM PANEL [INSTANT] CHEAP Instagram-Facebook-YouTube-Twitter-SoundCloud

    the_demon My review: Deliver of service: Good to Excellent. / Vendors delivers all various services as promised. Customer service: Very helpful when I have an issue, usually minor and quickly resolved. Reliability: High Suggestions to make service even better in my opinion: 1. Drip Feed...
  3. the_demon

    ATTN: Admin/Mod Thread Posting Problem

    You do, but there has been a glitch in the forum affecting my account specifically for some time. I've reached out several times to get the glitch resolved I won't name names but the glitch was never solved. I don't have a problem paying the $97. BHW is like home to me so I don't mind supporting...
  4. the_demon

    What is a LSI keyword?

    There is a tool called keyword shitter (I know bad name), but it's great at generating lots of long tail or LSI keywords then you can manually filter in excel and remove any you don't like or want in your campaign. Google AdWords is also a good tool give it some seed keywords by creating a fake...
  5. the_demon

    How PayPal can destroy your business easily -sad story-

    I own many businesses and PayPal decided after months of growth and sales that they arbitrarily didn't like that business anymore. They permanently limited the account froze it with thousands of dollars in it and are refusing to give me my money for 6 months. When I called PayPal the female rep...
  6. the_demon

    ATTN: Admin/Mod Thread Posting Problem

    I've been on BHW every year for nearly 10 years running my post count has decreased from nearly non stop every day largely due to the direction the forum has gone in and a lot of my old BHW brothers are no longer members. BHW is still a great place, but a lot of the black hat topics that used to...
  7. the_demon

    ATTN: Admin/Mod Thread Posting Problem

    Thank you to the members providing feedback. I have emailed BHW support. Hopefully, this can be resolved soon.
  8. the_demon

    ATTN: Admin/Mod Thread Posting Problem

    This is a screenshot of the error I get when I try to post a thread in the Social Media section. I think between my rank, post count, and payment I'm well qualified. Also, I highly doubt it takes 7 days to process a payment I'm assuming that's a poor joke.
  9. the_demon

    ATTN: Admin/Mod Thread Posting Problem

    Screenshot of my profile... But I cannot post in social media section. I called my bank just to confirm and there are no authorizations for $97 despite stripe saying the payment was successful.
  10. the_demon

    ATTN: Admin/Mod Thread Posting Problem

    I paid with Stripe and it said Payment successful, but then I checked my bank just now and I don't see a payment authorization yet so maybe this has to do with it. Maybe they do batch processing and it hasn't gone through yet?
  11. the_demon

    Github hit by record 1.3TBPS DDOS attack

    Ahh, so that's why Github was down when I tried accessing it recently. I thought it was odd for such a popular site to be offline.
  12. the_demon

    ATTN: Admin/Mod Thread Posting Problem

    Hi, I was unable to post in the Social Media section of the site because my VIP dues weren't paid. I have just paid them and am still unable to post. Can someone please look into this. Not sure if it just takes a while to upgrade or there is a glitch in the site. Thanks, the_demon
  13. the_demon

    Huge PayPal Negative Balance. HELP!

    This is a classic money mule scam. You got played plain and simple and there's really nothing you can do about it other than to either pay the debt or close your account and face collections. Trying to track the criminals down in a foreign country is going to be extremely difficult and if...
  14. the_demon

    Death By Captcha

    Not sure, but the website was down for me today also.
  15. the_demon

    Need someone who can get Twitter Page Likes NOT tweet Likes

    PM me with your offer. Looking for 500-1000 to start maybe more later on depending on price.
  16. the_demon

    Is Blackhat SEO dying out? [Serious]

    Blackhat SEO isn't dying it just got significantly more expensive to pull off a good campaign. Pretty much doubled in cost over the last few years imho
  17. the_demon

    2 or more emails a day

    Even from companies, I like 2 a day is too much. 1-3 times a week IF I LIKE THE COMPANY. More than that I start to unsubscribe, block, and filter messages.
  18. the_demon

    I have £100 what should I do with it?

    Cryptocurrency, maybe cloud mining. It's been booming lately.
  19. the_demon

    Noncompliant collections agency

    I think it's obvious. Sue them for unpaid wages and report them to the state if you live in the US.
  20. the_demon

    Any ideas where to spend Paxum funds other than XXX

    I don't feel like paying around $50/yr to use their card. PayPal gives one for free not to mention 1% cash back on signature purchases.
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