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  1. nasal

    £20k to invest - anyone know some serious software/tools?

    this is exactly what I was thinking.. wtf man?
  2. nasal

    Get Indexed in Google - Immediate PR7+ Backlink Results + Improve SEO Rankings Free!

    This was one of the best things I've read in a while! Thanks for contributing to the community!
  3. nasal

    cheapest places to live in the world. $500 a month

    seriously? ukrainian guys are ugly! the girls there know instantly if you're from there or not (you can see it yourself actually) and stick to you.. and not because of the money but because those guys are really not good looking (not to say ugly :D) i actually think i'm going to go back...
  4. nasal

    cheapest places to live in the world. $500 a month

    I went to Ukraine for 2 weeks with 300€ with me and lived like a lord, not caring about how much i'd spend.. A pack of Marlboro costs 0,6€, a bottle of the best Ukrainaian vodka (with a very nice bottle) 1,5€.. I actually feed 10 people with food from McDonalds (I filled 5 of those big...
  5. nasal

    Highly Optimized - Ready to Install Wordpress - For Your Autoblogs Or Any WP Based Site!

    Nice, taking automation one step further! Thanks for this very usefull share, great job!
  6. nasal

    Since the announcements a few days ago I'v noticed a huge decrease in post numbers

    I noticed this as well.. He's talking about the new forum rules.
  7. nasal

    can't see cookie stuffing forum

    Yep, there have been some site rules changes:
  8. nasal

    FREE. Cookie management software for mass-account creators (and others!) ** LINK CORRECTED

    The coupon code is bhwfree, he forgot the w :)
  9. nasal

    I am broke... Need to shape up

    Good luck! I'm really interested in reading what you will accomplish, as these stories are always a nice read!
  10. nasal

    A Heartfelt Thank You To BHW

    Welcome back!
  11. nasal

    Wish New Year in Your Language :) Free Autoblogs (20)

    Vesel božič (merry xmas) in srečno novo leto (and a happy new year)! -- in Slovenian
  12. nasal

    Blackhatworlds Got Talent!

    Is this too short? It's not perfect but I just started practicing it after like 2 years of watching my computer screen without doing anything else :D Fuckin' beer belly, gravity almost beats me now :D
  13. nasal

    Welcome back Method

    I came back to this tread to say that I made my first sale today, like McMusq, using this method + TTM. Thank you OP! It really boosted my will to do this! Respect to all of you BHW gurus, you're my idols!
  14. nasal

    Welcome back Method

    Welcome back and thanks for this method, I'll try this one right away. I won't even read any more posts before trying it, because BHW is addictive and then I never try anything..
  15. nasal

    Could this work? (UV affiliate program)

    god damn it, i suck! sorry for this!
  16. nasal

    Could this work? (UV affiliate program)

    Hello everyone! I don't know if this already got asked, maybe didn't search well enough but: could something like getting traffic from autosurf programs and redirecting it through something that hides the referer (or maybe through a legit site with some kind of plugin) to some affiliate...
  17. nasal

    Need Sed0 Bidders - Verified

    Could help you at this!
  18. nasal

    Easy Question for a Coder - WP Sidebar

    you should have something like: .sidebar-ads-in { width: 125px; blabla: blabla; * } Add float: left; where the * is.. But that's not it, you have linebreaks (<br/>), try to remove those.
  19. nasal

    How much should I ask for this domain?

    Update: I sold it for $305 :eek:
  20. nasal

    How much should I ask for this domain?

    Yeah I was wondering the same but you never know.. Anyway, thanks for the replies!
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