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  1. ristoriel

    Followers not updating correctly

    Sometimes this happens and they don't even allow you to scroll down the list of the followers. I guess it's their anti-spamming measure or something like this. You can continue to use your account normally.
  2. ristoriel

    Is there any way to display a 'like page' button when I share my main page URL?

    I think this button is available only with main ad because the ad is shown on your wall, and you are able to press the button. It's not there when you share the link of share the ad.
  3. ristoriel

    Facebook deleted my group...

    The only option you have is to request the person to draw back the copyright claims. After that, you can reach out to the support with all necessary information and there could be some chances that you might get your group back.
  4. ristoriel

    Looking tools with autocomment post shared,auto post in groups

    You can go for Hootsuite or Buffer. I think they will serve best for this. You will also get a lot of other automation options with them.
  5. ristoriel

    "How to do a good warming up of profile, BM, and page?"

    Start with a low daily budget and run simple engagement or traffic campaigns to test the waters. Keep the things slow and don't rush. Increase your budget and ad frequency gradually and you will be good to go.
  6. ristoriel

    Why does Cloudflare pose as an ISP?

    It could also be because your ISP might be using Cloudflare's service to secure their network and they are assigning you a Cloudflare IP instead of their own.
  7. ristoriel

    Original Content categories

    If your content has not already been uploaded on the platform, it will be considered original by the platform. There are many creators who are creating such content like horror stories, reddit stories and getting a lot of views.
  8. ristoriel

    180k followers, banned by mistake, then potentially shadowbanned. Need help

    Once your account is flagged due to any suspicious activity, it will never be the same again. Your reach will continuously drop. I think they put you in some kind of shadows after unblocking.
  9. ristoriel

    How many proxys per account?

    Yes, you can use the same proxy on both of your devices and manage both of the accounts. It is recommended to manage 3-5 accounts per dedicated proxy.
  10. ristoriel

    Instagram bots

    You can search in SMM panels ( section as many panels have listed their services there. You can also post in "Want to Buy" section with all your requirements and you will be reached out accordingly.
  11. ristoriel

    Is there any Facebook mod application that masks my real IP?

    You can use a proxy. Better to use 4G/5G proxies as they work great with all social media platforms because they use the real IPs provided by mobile ISPs.
  12. ristoriel

    Looking for Facebook accounts

    You can search in social media ( section as many sellers have listed their services there. You can also post in "Want to Buy" section with all your requirements.
  13. ristoriel

    You do not need to use proxies on BM accounts

    VPN is often detected by the platform because it not only reroutes the traffic but also encrypts it. You should always use 4G/5G mobile proxies as they work absolutely fine with BM accounts.
  14. ristoriel

    Facebook ad post , like ..?

    It's not a good idea. Buying likes can harm your reach and damage your reputation because you will get likes from bots, not real people.
  15. ristoriel

    Why do people buy Telegram/WhatsApp accounts and the like?

    Most of the people purchase aged accounts because they have already built trust and credibility with the platforms. Furthermore, aged accounts have fewer limitations on their actions such as posting, commenting messaging than new accounts.
  16. ristoriel

    Why is there a decline in most SMM panel services ? What Went Wrong?

    It's due to changes in the algorithms and policies of the social media platforms. They continuously update their algorithms and policies to prevent spamming and botting.
  17. ristoriel

    Instagram limiting me to following 5 people a day?

    It looks like your account is flagged for suspicious activity. You might be following too many accounts in a short period of time. You should not follow any account for a few days and then follow accounts organically and gradually.
  18. ristoriel

    I want an App Store or Google Play review

    You can post in the “Want to Buy” ( section with all your requirements and you will be reached out by providers there.
  19. ristoriel

    What extension do you guys use to turn on your proxy on your PC?

    You can use proxy switchyomega extension. It works absolutely fine with Chrome. You can also use foxyproxy for Firefox.
  20. ristoriel

    How to get a Static IP ?

    You can ask your ISP if they are able to provide you a static IP address. Most of the residential providers don't provide static IP addresses while others charge extra fee for providing it.
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