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  1. akaseo

    NEED Reddit comments on specific questions.

    Still looking for someone who can provide
  2. akaseo

    need someone with a account on stackexchange with some reputation

    I want to comment a link. Will pay for it.
  3. akaseo

    NEED Reddit comments on specific questions.

    I want a site to be commented on specific questions on reddit. The site is totally relevant and has not been spammed anywhere on reddit. If they can stay for 2-3 weeks and new comments can be added once the older ones are deleted i will be happy to pay. Pm me here.
  4. akaseo

    Hiring Web Crawler/Scraper Specialist

    I can start doing this immediately I provide this kind of info to some people here. Pm me here or on my socials below Let's connect on telegram - Skype -
  5. akaseo

    Looking for Black hat/White hat SEO expert for part time job

    Hey, I am interested. Sent you a PM here. Will send you a mail too with all info.
  6. akaseo

    Poll: Which sector do you think dies more every year? Crypto or SEO

    Well there are newbies in every sector which think if something goes down a little it's the end of the world. So choose which sector dies more? SEO or crypto
  7. akaseo

    Looking for Landing page builder

    I am great at creating landing pages for crypto contact me on my telegram username - akaseobhw
  8. akaseo

    What " Super Power " you wish to have?

    That I close any client I talked to
  9. akaseo

    You want to be a young billionaire, well you can't...

    Bro I just want a 100k a year
  10. akaseo

    Looking For Python Developer To Build Discord Messaging/Posting Bot

    Can make it message me here or on telegram - akaseobhw
  11. akaseo

    Looking for telegram bot developer - with normal accounts not bot account

    Hey, I am expert at developing telegram bots. I have created bots for tracking analytics and other things. Here is telegram - akaseobhw You can message me here or on my telegram.
  12. akaseo

    Wordpress PHP developer required to add small functionality in wordpress site.

    Hello, I can do it message me on skype or telegram. You can also PM me on BHW Skype - Telegram - akaseobhw
  13. akaseo

    How are you dealing with Crypto in India after the Binance ban?

    only Url got banned and that also only of the site. You can't ban blockchain and due to that you can send and receive crypto between exchanges. So basically i use a 3 way route like this. My bank -> wazirx [Buy crypto] -> send to binance -> invest or buy something with crypto Binance ->...
  14. akaseo

    How are you dealing with Crypto in India after the Binance ban?

    The binance app still works perfectly here. I was using it before so no problem regarding that. For buying or withdrawing fiat from crypto i use wazirx and for taking payment i use binance for investing in memecoin i use photon.
  15. akaseo

    Is there any issue with search console?

    search like this on google - Google search console is filled with bugs so check directly on google instead. If everything is okay there you don't need to worry about anything.
  16. akaseo

    Which niche blogs had been least affected by AI?

    I think every niche is getting blogs made by ai. Even most of the code in near time will be written by ai. So, instead of that you should focus on checking if you can rank in the niche or not.
  17. akaseo

    Need SEO Advice for Shopify Site

    Please note use my advice for each of the product pages you want to rank. Whoever you hire should check the backlinks of the top 10 search results of the target keywords you want to rank on. Once you have a good list. Just try to make as many of them as you can similarly. This will help you to...
  18. akaseo

    Is it fine to scrape business information from Google Maps for a directory website?

    It a gray area. Everyone does it google knows it too but somehow no action is taken on them.
  19. akaseo

    How did you find out about Black Hat World?

    I was searching for backlinks which landed by here. I was in school at that time
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