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    I did it in the park

    This man’s worried about his buttcheeks on the internet and meanwhile I’m fairly certain some 40 year old who pretended to be a woman on Omegle 10 years ago has my nudes. :weep:
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    F*ck Valentine’s Day

    You’re absolutely welcome. Let’s be miserable together. :D Banger fr! I’m pretty sure I destroyed my hearing listening to this over and over again when I was young. 10/10 would do it again. Answer is my username <3 Nothing. I just thought it was a funny video :D
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    F*ck Valentine’s Day

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    Happy Valentine's Day BHW

    Since when is @xReminisce a woman? Or did I miss a surprise trip to Thailand? :rolleyes:
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    F*ck Valentine’s Day

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    Finally Tuesday - Cheers.

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    This kind of post is brilliant, easily viral

    1 like = 1 prayer
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    YouTube VS. SMM Panels... Why you lose your likes, subscribers, etc...

    Isn’t it the responsibility of the panel to ensure that if they advertise a service as “non-drop”, it needs to be non-drop (i.e by using a proper setup)? Ergo it’s on them and not on YT.
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    Probably not a scam site but I'm still not comfortable doing business with them.

    I say “Deery”. Big difference, deery.
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    What panel on BHW are you guys currently using?

    Those are services I’ve not heard of before. If they have a sales thread here on BHW, I’ll be sure to give them a try. Thanks for your suggestions :) Not sure. In my opinion, IG is in the same state as YouTube (where panels are concerned, at least). In the past, yes. Helped boost my videos and...
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    @RoiBox and his weird fetishes. No judgement from me though :rolleyes:
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    Torrent are again ruling

    Oh, the number of things I’ve done citing this as a reason. :rolleyes:
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    Police seize bitcoins worth €2 billion

    Fear mongering probably. Overplays their competence/role and by doing so, potentially discourages similar actors.
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    Im new, I need help :)

    That would fall under “mentoring”, which isn’t allowed here. :) Go through to see what sort of journeys other users are on right now. Might give you an idea on what you may be interested in learning about.
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    You have to be more specific. What’s cooking? Chicken? Fish? The girl you invited over for a date?
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    Wsg fam
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    What panel on BHW are you guys currently using?

    So far (since I’ve started this thread) I’ve tested SMMRaja and I’m not impressed. Their views drop and services suddenly stop working. You’re left waiting for a refund/cancellation. This doesn’t happen always but it happens way too often for me to not take it seriously. Their customer support...
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    What panel on BHW are you guys currently using?

    They have a thread here on BHW : so that’s a positive sign. But the only vouches for the panel have been from the owner themselves and a couple of other brand new accounts. They don’t offer...
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    Valentine's Day Inspiration Needed!

    @xReminisce what are you getting me for V-day?
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