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  1. grant young

    Starting e-shops in 2024

    Traffic and bad product will make more money the no traffic and good product IMO
  2. grant young

    Starting e-shops in 2024

    Most important part is the traffic.
  3. grant young

    Looking for Keyword Research Expert

    Hi I am looking for someone to do keyword research for my affiliate site. I am going to be using this to rank my site organically and through google ads. Niche: Investment/personal finance Site: # of keywords: 20 Please let me know if you are interested. Low Budget.
  4. grant young

    Aggressive Local SEO - Local Setup, Optimization & Manual Citation Service - Money Back Guarantee !!

    HI can i get a discount please? looking to purchase silver package
  5. grant young

    ⚡⚡ Improve Your Google Rankings With Aggressive SEO ✅ Foundation Links✅ Quality Content Creation ✅Diversified High DA Links❤️Reviews & Case Studies❤️

    Hi I’m looking to purchase the silver monthly package for aggressive seo, do you provide discounts for this?
  6. grant young

    How to promote Tiktok in beauty niche?

    Copy popular ones?
  7. grant young

    Running 20 Instagram accounts

    Wouldn’t that be more expensive then anti detect and proxies?
  8. grant young

    I'm hungry... Pizza or Hamburger?

    I’m at McDonald and they just came out with an adult happy meal. You should get that
  9. grant young

    ChatGPT is a moron...

    You need gpt4 I think. My theory is that upon release it was completely open source but now they’re making the free version retarded so they can sell gpt4. From what I’ve heard gpt4 is good
  10. grant young

    Running 20 Instagram accounts

    I think I’m just going to do this with static residential proxies, giving each account its own. Do you know if I can create 5 accounts per ip or should I keep it to one
  11. grant young

    Running 20 Instagram accounts

    Hi, I am new to proxies and I could use some help. I think I am looking for a 4g or 5g mobile proxy that I can rotate manually. I am looking to create and run multiple instagram accounts (10-20) and I am trying to figure out how to do this without ban. I have one computer and I will be running...
  12. grant young

    Discord spam

    I’m not looking for a method or anything I just want to know if it can be done. I want to spam users on discord. If I had a list of users is it worth my time to mass dm on discord for a reasonable price or free. Or is discord pretty good about blocking spam. Im sure there’s OF agencies that...
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