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  1. madakalark

    ☢️ The Quick eBay Money Loophole Guide ☢️

  2. madakalark

    From Zero to Profit: A Beginner's [methods] to Making Money Online

    Even I'm planning to purchase for 1 $
  3. madakalark

    My channel removed

    No it's different emails
  4. madakalark

    My channel removed

    Hi Team, Suddenly my channel got terminated from YouTube. Reasons states as below. Actually one AdSense, I have added two YouTube channels, in those one channel got terminated with 3 copy strikes, but in second channel I used my own content and I earning some decent income. Can any one...
  5. madakalark

    Can we do this content?

    Why now a day many people do this type of videos, just by uploading 40 sec video with same content, many of the channele got approved ypp. Keywords : Some. Lot's of candies Some more chocklets Some more kinder joy Some more lolipop
  6. madakalark

    Youtube Shorts Query?

    Daily uploaod only one shot, don't upalod more shot videos
  7. madakalark

    Youtube is allowing you to monetise shorts on February 1st 2023.

    But, present I'm able to monetize my shots...
  8. madakalark

    Youtube 2023 Strategy

    Need to understand, Weekly I'll Upload a video. Why do i need to buy views or likes, will my videos go viral after purchase of views ? How it works, just curies to know.
  9. madakalark

    Recovering a YouTube channel

    Pls do tweet
  10. madakalark

    youtube is deleting my channel why..?

    Problem might be, incase if your chanel got terminated previously, then using same ip, if you create a channels, youtube deleting those newly created chanels. Try to create with new io and new gmails
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