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    Finally making some real money :D Thanks BHW

    i will order your gig in fiverr .... that was probably your intension mentening it :). you will competening against portrons ... 2 tier system wich i orderd yesterday foranother site. intersting which will work better ;)
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    fiverr ... angela and paul backlinks

    100 + 20 .edu profiles from different sites = 125 profiles from different sites looks like really intresting mathematics :) your packages are to big for me. i prefer order every 2 weeks a little instead of doing to much at once ..especeally on the beginning. you probably not...
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    bing and getting indexed

    any advices why bing WM Tool is not up to date ... missing the last 6 days. and what i can do to get more sites faster indexd there ? no advices on this ??? :(
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    fiverr ... angela and paul backlinks

    i am going quite devensive with my new pages. i like to order some angela and paul backlinks at fiverr. does anybody can recommend someone there. the most offers are from china and vietnam with 230+ profiles which i guess is all xrumor or senuke created. There are a view which offer 30 angela...
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    bing and getting indexed

    Hello Since i habe the first none german website i tried to get it indexed in Bing as well. (in german its not necessary because its all google) I got webmaster tools there and submitted the url. Took some days and on 24may it indexed the main page. Then nothing happend so i submitted further...
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