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  1. GazM

    Anyone mining Helium?

    I have a miner it does around $20 a month I live in the uk but the hnt i get paid I lock in stake of 6% on Binance so let’s see how it goes...
  2. GazM

    Get - Free 10 influencers in any niche

    Home decor, Merseyside Uk, women
  3. GazM


    Last year I bought my dream car 2018 BMW X1 sdrive cost me abit but to buy it with no finance was good achievement car before that was 2008 fiesta
  4. GazM

    @Elker Trustpilot Reviews - Horrible Service, Sent Negative Reviews, Refusing Refund, and Bad Support

    They have refilled all reviews and left the right amount after I posted on this thread I got a message of an other user that sorted my problems out and now iv got what I paid for
  5. GazM

    Reliable Reviews Offering High Quality Google Reviews, Trustpilot Reviews, Upcity Reviews,, Sitejabber Reviews

    Can I choose what the reviews say if I was to buy like 10 a week every week? Google reviews interested in
  6. GazM

    After posting 100 shorts in day basically 0 view?

    Man done 100 shorts in 1 day just keep to 10 stop being greedy
  7. GazM


    Apply for partnership, we’ll done my best short yet is 85k, just keep posting content and you will get there fast try doing 5 shorts a day
  8. GazM

    @Elker Trustpilot Reviews - Horrible Service, Sent Negative Reviews, Refusing Refund, and Bad Support

    I haven’t been refunded or received all 300 reviews they stopped at 80
  9. GazM

    create a store on instagram

    Just say to them that your store is On Amazon and the products are yours you are selling on Amazon, white lie never hurt anyone
  10. GazM

    If I post tiktok video clips to my monetized channel??

    Only 1 way to find out
  11. GazM

    How can I make enough money in 8 months to go and live in the Netherlands?

    Just apply for a job in coffee shop all good then, look for tourist work in the neatherlands and use the internet as a side hustle in the night to start off and be patient
  12. GazM

    Reposting TikToks to YouTube shorts still works! *4.5M views in 7 days*

    Attempt this yesterday with my business on sort of spam my content off Instagram and TikTok that I have made over the years uploaded 5 shorts yesterday and 3 today results so far used a channel I created 3 years ago but never uploaded on
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