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  1. Newbie05

    Speedtest - How fast can you type?

    I think I can do better when warmed up. Anways, my first five tries. No errors :) 1st try 312 points, so you achieved position 12336 of 201415 on the ranking list You type 406 characters per minute You have 72 correct words and you have 0 wrong words 2nd try 301 points, so you achieved...
  2. Newbie05

    best way to outsource to philippines?

    @OP What exactly is it you want to be done? Just simple posting with PH IP? What's the rate? I'm from PH.
  3. Newbie05

    FREE- Each day 1 PC-Game for a BHW member

    Any updates OP? I pm'd you as well. TIA!
  4. Newbie05

    FREE- Each day 1 PC-Game for a BHW member

    Thanks and rep given. If I'm qualified I'd appreciate need for speed shift very much as a christmas present. :)
  5. Newbie05

    GoDaddy is DOWN!

    + free SSL I'll try for my next domains though. Free privacy for the life of your domain.
  6. Newbie05

    youporn and cpa method share =)

    Wow I'm sorry mate I'm not normally harsh but you're such a dumbass for digging a 1yr old thread plus asking that question. I have no idea about faking the referral and I sure hear it a lot. But if I use the search function or ask google I'm sure I'll get some answers. So it's either you're just...
  7. Newbie05

    And you thought you were "blackhat"?!

    geez that's sick :eek:
  8. Newbie05

    Domain Privacy for free?

    Based on what I've read provides free privacy for the life of your domain.
  9. Newbie05

    HOT GIRLS Photos Collection

    argh this almost made me puke :o
  10. Newbie05

    pacquiao vs cotto - How to watch

    watched it from here start to finish :)
  11. Newbie05

    damn i wish i have $10 on epass or paypal :(
  12. Newbie05

    Can you ever be happy with the amount of money you make?

    I'd be with $50/day. The more the merrier though.
  13. Newbie05

    site doesn't look that active to me. lol what a dumbass. it's better to STFU. less talk less mistake for you fella.
  14. Newbie05

    Strange computer problem

    ROFLMAO! This is the funniest shit I've ever read here on BHW! :p
  15. Newbie05

    Getting laid through an adult site...

    my aunt in canada met his current bf on pof and they intend to get married soon. i told her to be careful of fakes and even pm'd her using my ewhore account lol.
  16. Newbie05

    How Much Has Blackhat Earned You?

    Same. So far $120 from Snug & $88.07 from Rude. Less 3 .coms and 1 .info from Namecheap + $.45 2yrs free hosting + sleepless nights lurking and making landers. Hopefully it'll be a good Christmas or New Year once all's set up.
  17. Newbie05

    Madinaz the SCAMMER!!!!

    harro and pof made an 'official' statement about this somewhere here in BHW. can't be arsed to search for it at the moment though.
  18. Newbie05

    [Lounge] How much have you lost so far in Scams ?

    i haven't been so far. i'm the one who scams the pervs lol.
  19. Newbie05

    Your favorite beer......?

    red horse beer = kicks like no other :) In every case is a variant, one is labeled with a smiling stallion. it has a strong flavor and a higher alcohol content.
  20. Newbie05

    The Ultimate Alexa Ranking Method.It Works

    oops forgot to hit thanks yesterday. one question though, what's the use of firefox/foxy proxy/reload every? looks like alexa booster works on its own even if these 3 are closed. or am i missing something? thanks.
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