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  1. axeny

    My Dope POD t-shirt designs + your niche traffic = $$$

    Hello there, First about my background: I am a PPC/Social Media marketer in my everyday work, plus I own a few POD shops for t-shirts and other POD products. Thanks to past working relationships with numerous people, I have access to TONS of 10/10 designs from any niche imaginable - Game of...
  2. axeny

    █ ❌ Microsoft Products Store❤️ Windows 10-11 Pro ✅ Office 365-2019-2021✅ Cheap Online Genuine Activation Keys⚡

    Decent deal, bought an account and got it in just couple hours, everything seems to be working nicely :)
  3. axeny

    I Will Craft You a Premium Amazon Affiliate Website Just Like the Ones Rich Affiliates Have

    Samples + discount if you got any please ;)
  4. axeny

    ██ Complete Amazon Affiliate Websites I Native Content I Paid Themes & Plugins I Starts @ $18 ██

    Sample and if you got a coupon, please PM me with that information
  5. axeny

    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    Can you give me paypal details as well :)
  6. axeny

    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    I am interested in one .edu email as well, please let me know if there is any difference in pricing for personalized username? :)
  7. axeny


    Can I get a discount code + a paypal email? :)
  8. axeny


    Can you PM me the discount too? Kinda interested :)
  9. axeny

    ⭐GET Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins⚡FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️Automatic Updates | Bulk Downloads | VirusTotal Reports ➡️ REGISTER FOR A BONUS!⚜️

    Would you mind sending me a discount link/promo as well ? :) Thanks in advance :)
  10. axeny

    My Marketing/Sales Experience + YourFB/instagram Traffic = Very Nice Things Indeed

    Thanks for the approval of my JV offer! :)
  11. axeny

    My Marketing/Sales Experience + YourFB/instagram Traffic = Very Nice Things Indeed

    I have a background in online marketing - consulting online shops on FB/Google ads, optimizing their advertisement, etc. I am also getting more seriously into dropshipping - locally and internationally. I am looking for extra traffic for one of my stores - I am good at matching offers to...
  12. axeny

    *** High Quality Accounts*** Hotmail, Facebook PVA, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube ect.....

    I've ordered an aged Facebook PVA from this seller and both the shopping experience and the account delivered were impeccable. I was amazed by the quality of the account, actually, and also by the additional information provided by the seller which made the incorporation of the new account to my...
  13. axeny

    PayPal Premier account + WooCommerce?

    You are basically making a DBA account( Doing Business As), where it's all on your own name and you can fiddle with the brand handle in the invoices your potential customers are going to get in their bank statements, so it's mostly for brand recognition purposes rather than accounting ones.
  14. axeny

    PayPal Premier account + WooCommerce?

    Yeah, I didn't know that to be honest - I just presumed they'd want a bunch of documents, half of them being quite annoying to be produced. I've had quite the journey when I was lifting the last limits of my Premier account some time ago, but it turns out the Business account is like 10x times...
  15. axeny

    PayPal Premier account + WooCommerce?

    Is it possible? I've used the account with Shopify and I've accumulated a nice number of orders, no returns or refunds, or appeals, and I don't even have to wait 21 days for the money to be available to me. But for some reason I cannot hook the account with my new WooCommerce site. I've tried...
  16. axeny

    Best way to re-use a newsletter list?

    Heya, guys So, a friend of mine jas an online store, and I help him out with his paid advertising, bringing in traffic, etc. He also has a nice enough( when it comes to size, in our country) e-mail list, featuring 25+k mails of buyers. We'd like to use the list to joint-venture a drop-shipping...
  17. axeny

    The Best Site for Custom Printed Items?

    What is the best site one could use to print different kind of items and sell them through Shopify using paid advertising - FB, Pinterest ads and so on? The site would preferably have print-on-demand option, would ship to all the english-speaking countries, or better yet - worldwide. And it...
  18. axeny

    JV opportunity for people with working Web Design businesses or Web Design freelancers

    The JV is still available, so in case you are interested - please send me a PM. Best regards, Axeny
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