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  1. Bryan

    BlamAds bad conversion those days?

    who owns 007cpa? is he a member here? id love to join 007cpa if anyone can vouch it's legit
  2. Bryan

    Content Lock PRO V2.0 - Triple Your Income Overnight! (The Next Generation Content Locker)

    I'm way out of loop now but flippingplanet goes to other forum? do they have private section for CLP users like flippingplanet did? and I'm unsure of where to find the site where I can open support ticket, and I'd LOVE to have that script that adds offers to it (it actually was the reason why...
  3. Bryan

    Motivation! Motivation! Motivation! (hot girls!)

    dont remove the video because someone got butthurt man lol
  4. Bryan

    BlamAds bad conversion those days?

    no one? lol
  5. Bryan

    BlamAds bad conversion those days?

    yeah im having the same problem, that's why i want to start using CLP instead but still cant find any good incentive network that will accept same traffic blamads does (tv/movie traffic) if anyone know let me know please :)
  6. Bryan

    How to burn fats.

    ive been using this app Gorilla Workout and it's been really great to me, makes it much easier to exercise as long as you follow what they tell you to do. ive lost couple of lbs in first week with it. check it out if you have iphone or itouch or ipad
  7. Bryan

    Youtube, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo accounts - Highest quality for lowest price

    do you still sell youtubes? if so, how much for them now?
  8. Bryan

    [Free] Giving away PVA Youtube Accounts With Gmail :)

    i'd appreciate for some! (if you still have em)
  9. Bryan

    neet a list of networks that allow tv/movie sites (incentive offers)

    will +rep/thank for them, also networks that won't get pissed if i blank the referrer, ill be using content locker pro. cpainfinity and strongerads any good for that? it seems that you have to apply to promote the offers on cpainfinity, does that mean i have to apply for each offer or once i get...
  10. Bryan

    Dominate YouTube rankingsYT SEO Research ToolBULK Generate Titles/Descriptions[+more]

    sorry if i wasn't clear, my bad, it was video marketing blaster not video spin blaster and sorry about that ill open the ticket, where can i find the link? let me know, thanks man
  11. Bryan

    Dominate YouTube rankingsYT SEO Research ToolBULK Generate Titles/Descriptions[+more]

    hey man, still waiting for your PM and a fix or update for this error im getting, the program shouldnt add more numbers in filename making it way too long, just randomize 6-8 numbers, if match one of the files then randomize the numbers again. let me know thanks
  12. Bryan

    [GET] Get 70+ PINTEREST Followers to your Pinterest Accounts

    would love some followers, appreciate it a lot! username: 'funnygifz'
  13. Bryan

    CPA METHOD-Question

    only post your method if you want to see your earning going down. you seem to have a nice unsaturated method, id keep it to myself if i were you :p
  14. Bryan

    Want to find the golden nuggets from StrongerAds? Don't search for $$ just take it

    thanks and +rep, was looking for something like this 2 days ago and yesterday was trying to make sick submitter template to do this but couldnt do it lmao this is perfect, thanks man!
  15. Bryan

    CPA Gatelock [Free Content Lock Pro alternative ???]

    i sent you an e-mail couple of days ago, waiting to hear from you. my email has "bryan" in it :p
  16. Bryan

    youtube accounts por favor

    loboxd PM me if you're still looking for 10 accounts, i'll give them to you for free
  17. Bryan

    [KinGeeK's Journey] $200/week Goal

    0 impression? and also, comparing blamads to cpabeyond, which has got you more $?
  18. Bryan

    What do you think of LeadBolt?

    ive gone from leadbolt to dollarade to blamads, leadbolt = worst, ive seen better conversions with dollarade after switching to them from leadbolt, then switched to blamads and i see even better results id go with blamads, if you cant get accepted then go with dollarade, stay away from...
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