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  1. Repulsor

    Under-utilizing my server

    Servers are too cheap to be honest. If there was one software that could run autopilot, which is publicly available, everybody would be doing the same. There is no premade software that are there you could use and make some money as far as I know. At this point, better option would be to...
  2. Repulsor

    How to isntalll website on OVH VPS?

    Assuming your VPS is unmanaged, You have to first install Linux or it. Ubuntu or any other versions. And then you can install a stack. Linux - Apache - Mysql - PHP. This is called LAMP stack. Here is a guide for you ...
  3. Repulsor

    Content locker script with conversion postback support?

    There are many in Codecanyon it seems. Or you can get a custom one coded to use with your own network. I have done a few for some people.
  4. Repulsor

    Google ads spending 3 € per click, 100 € a day with no conversions

    That is a very broad keyword, with lot of searches and lot of big brands. Why dont you go more precise like, " [Type of AC] AC installation in [your area] " or similar sub phrases? People with specific searches will become converting traffic that people searching very broad keywords.
  5. Repulsor

    how to run python script 24/7 and best site?

    Spin a $5 Digital Ocean droplet and run scripts 24/7. Thats what I do for all my scripts. (PHP,Python and Node)
  6. Repulsor

    How saturated is the vps hosting reselling business?

    Digital ocean, Linode etc provides good servers for $5. If I am right, its 1GB RAM servers. How can you beat their prices if you are going to be reseller. You will have hardtime getting clients. Hosting business is saturated unless you go very specific.
  7. Repulsor

    Track and measure KPIs on paid posts made by influencers

    Pretty sure Instagram and Twitter will have API to access the insights. You can get a custom panel coded, which your influencers can authorize and you can see the stats.
  8. Repulsor

    Why NFT's are bullshit

    When the so called metaverse becomes mainstream, and social media becomes a place where we all have a virtual house and video calls become people coming into the metaverse house, people would rush to hang their premium NFTs on their walls. This willl happen sooner or later.
  9. Repulsor

    Getting live price and transactions from BSC blockchain

    As the title says, anybody has any experience fetching transactions,quantity and prices from the blockchain? I am coding a live price tracker and I am stuck at some point. I scan the blocks with contract address of the coin I am watching and I can get the related transactions. When I fetch...
  10. Repulsor

    God I f**king hate domainers.

    Everybody sells including you. Thats how we get our pockets filled. Some sell large numbers with small profits. Some sell small numbers at a large profit.
  11. Repulsor

    Can we ban gijovarghese please?

    So the developer is unethical for putting popup in the frontend when the license is invalid and people using invalid licence / nulled version are very much ethical. Nulled scripts come with some baggage. Either from the person who nulled it, or from the dev if he is smart. If you want to test...
  12. Repulsor

    what do you think about crypto ban?

    Who is forcing you to use Indian exchanges? Also, just because your KYC is there in the exchange, it doesnt mean the exchange should hand over client data to Indian Govt, unless they are under Indian laws.
  13. Repulsor

    what do you think about crypto ban?

    Seriously? How will they govt know that you have crypto? Can you tell me that please? They will only know when you withdraw that some amount of money is in your account and you need to explain them how. As long as you know how to handle the withdrawals, you are all good. You are not going to...
  14. Repulsor

    what do you think about crypto ban?

    When that bill is passed, you can buy the dip.
  15. Repulsor

    How is BUSD different from USDT ?

    And Beauty of USDT is that, you can always convert your money to USDT when the market is volatile. I am a beginner in trading and due to the risky nature, I rarely short sell. So whenever market is about to go down, I convert everything to USDT and enter back later. Maybe Binance wanted to...
  16. Repulsor

    How is BUSD different from USDT ?

    Are you sure? Because I use Binance and I dont deal with BNB unless I want to.
  17. Repulsor

    How is BUSD different from USDT ?

    Well, Its crypto by Binance which is 1:1 backed up by USD. There are crazy amount of crypto currencies around. Binance having these many members, they have no problem in getting some cryptos to the mainstream. Another one they have is BNB.
  18. Repulsor

    Best Server Setup? - Need advice from experienced users

    Overoptimization is bad optimization. Get your thing up and running in any server. Then worry about response tmes and move servers if necessary.
  19. Repulsor

    Data Mining / Big Data Services

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