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  1. kez1000

    Twitter Supremacy - Ultimate Twitter Bot - 3 Day Free Trial (Approved)

    no.. not too sure what the problem is.
  2. kez1000

    How to add this above YT title?

    don't do it and don't use Hashtags either because it will take viewers away from your channel and stop your viewing session.
  3. kez1000

    When Spock Met Bilbo Baggins

    Best YouTube video I've seen this week Best song Best Dance Routines :):)
  4. kez1000

    Naturally grown channel (70k subs) struggling to get views... need help

    Click through rate and Audience retention. on the new Beta youtube studio, you can check out your click rate.. now if you have a High click-through rate from click bait for example, then your audience retention will be LOW so YT will drop your video rankings. You can have click bait but your...
  5. kez1000

    Youtube Comment BOT?

    thread moved to where???
  6. kez1000

    Good Bye Fiverr After 8 years

    Was that in the robots.txt??? I found lots of info there.. lol :)
  7. kez1000

    Good Bye Fiverr After 8 years

    hahahahah oh they changed their policies.. I did not know that.
  8. kez1000

    Good Bye Fiverr After 8 years

    I like that.. it's crazy because I feel kind of FREE right now...
  9. kez1000

    Good Bye Fiverr After 8 years

    After earning over $70,000 with 2 accounts over 8 years they have now canceled all 5 of my gigs for infringing on 3rd party blah blah blah.... crazy thing is that I have been using the same 5 gigs for 8 years and I have not changed them Good thing I have other income streams or I would of been...
  10. kez1000

    Fiverr account become level 1 after reviewing

    my response rate is poor but everything else is high. BUT you need to understand that Fiverr can do whatever they want and there is nothing you can do about it. they control your income and this is not a position you want to be in.
  11. kez1000

    What's the name of software make this kind of video

    do you have a url for he video? as there are loads of those software programs around
  12. kez1000


    hahahhahahahahaha I was going to say the same thing.
  13. kez1000

    YouTube Bot - Comment Poster, Upvote, Like, Bulk Upload, Scraper

    I think I will wait before I buy as I know that this software is going to have bugs. when it's all fixed and every function works seamlessly, make sure that you tell us. thanks
  14. kez1000


    2017 1. Chelsea = Premiership winners -- Well Done 2. Tottenham = No trophy lol 3. Liverpool = No trophy lol 4. Man City = No trophy lol 5. Arsenal = No trophy lol 6. Manchester United = EFL cup winners and soon to be Europa Cup winners...
  15. kez1000

    Best Video i have ever made but with low traffic why ?

    when you click the link it gets worse. you strategy is all wrong
  16. kez1000

    Your Crap At Internet Marketing - It's Time To Smell The Coffee

    Hey that very special person was ME!!! :) it's the truth that why it hit home for some people.. :) :)
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