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    Whats The Most You've Earned on CJ?

    The image is hosted on, wonder what the connection there is?
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    Banned From Irc

    Hello Moderator, I woke up this morning just to check the IRC, I found I had been banned, I think this is an error, so any moderator willing to help please pm me and I can share my IP details for you to check. Thanks
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    How To Monetize A Site? Alexa Rank 4000 Site.

    Guys, I got someone that has a Alexa Rank 4000 site which is obviously bringing boat load of traffic. Its more like a forum, Any way to monetize from that traffic? CPM, PPC, CPA, etc... I personally believe this site has potential to make good dough. Any experts, willing to share their...
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    Ebay auction Lister

    stang1101, Check pm for my offer. Thanks
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    Joint Venture, Need A Writer.

    Guys, I am looking for quality articles to advertise my site, I have seen people willing to write articles for a buck or less on DP, I don't think its worth it. The articles can be fresh content or copyscape pass spinned articles, I don't care as long as the articles is OBVIOUSLY...
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    Looking For Partner For a Website

    The general niche is finance, the targeted niche is Insurance.
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    Looking For Partner For a Website

    Hello Guys, Not all of you may qualify, however, I wanted to throw this out there. Instead of listing my site with affiliate networks and paying the affiliates commission, Thought I would give a shout out here. The Venture is simple, I have a site which requires action on behalf of the...
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    Cookie Stuffing Joint Venture, Anyone?

    Guys, I am new to this cookie stuffing business, if anyone is good at this business, I am willing to do joint venture with them. All clear reports will be presented and 50/50 venture. Anyone up for it, Pm me. Thanks
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    My e-whore ebook FREE

    Great post, I have been doing this for a while, however, its getting too saturated and the CL users are getting familiar with this tricks.
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    Adult Video Marketing list

    Automation would make this a dream come true, Just automated uploads and put your email on autoresponder and cash the check, lol.
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    HaRRos Easy Money Methods

    Wish I had run across this thread long time ago, could have saved me some cash and better yet made me cash.
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    Safe Blackhat Methods

    The safest blackhat method is the whitehat method, any other answer wouldn't suffice.
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    Ever Try Adbrite?

    I am currently running campaign with them and they are fairly good, although not as good as adwords or others, but worth the price, I am thinking about using their full page ads feature and see how it converts.
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    Would you like a video section on BHW?

    Video section on BHW would be great, but only if BHW started charging monthly subscription it would be possible, because of server costs,not a good move.
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    I made $11,000 this month and am not happy!

    You gain some, you lose some, such is life, managing them is what makes us humans.
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    Is a 1.2 million url list for pr storm worth selling on here?

    List is useless, if it were useful you would be making a post here asking how to use it, My personal experience is there no need for it.
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    Do you think I should declare bankruptcy

    creditwrench, very good post, very informative and helpful.
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    [EPN] tips to being aproved

    Yeah I applied twice for USA epn account, rejected both times, Also I am using a legit website bringing good traffic, don't where I am going wrong.
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