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  1. pakelika10

    Wierd ebay auction

    he actually has good feedback too.... hmmm..... lol
  2. pakelika10

    Divorced Dads/Moms

    Tip of the day.... Dont get married....
  3. pakelika10

    Epic Beard Man INTERVIEWED!!!

    thanks for sharin, havnt seen this yet... good stuff
  4. pakelika10

    DigitalPoint deleted my scrapebox link service thread v. I think a mod got mad

    I'm pretty sure it was shit when it first started....
  5. pakelika10

    Blackhat is not illegal

    Its not illegal, its frowned upon, like masturbating on a airplane....
  6. pakelika10

    Whats your level of education?

    Ged ftw!!!!
  7. pakelika10

    McDonald’s Now Provides Free Wi-Fi!

    yea the mcdonalds here has had it for atleast 3 months that i can remember... i never eat that crap though...
  8. pakelika10

    Humor Competition JNR VIP

    i sent it to my gf right after we got in an argument on the phone wich prolly wasnt a good idea... me: Hey sweetheart i make all my money at and you can too check it out her: im not falling for that me: ok whatever then her: your a fucking asshole! her: fuck you me: lol
  9. pakelika10

    A place to watch movies that haven't been released..

    I've found this site to be pretty good you gotta sift through the shitty ones, but there always seems to be some goods ones in there. ....also i just checked on there and found a good copy of "youth in revolt" it was like the 3rd link.. its a cam.. but pretty good...
  10. pakelika10

    Google toilet

    haha, so true....
  11. pakelika10

    I can't see iTraders!

    same here
  12. pakelika10

    D.C. Cop Pulls Gun on Snowball Fight

    I remember throwing snowballs at cars, they would stop they're car and start cursing at us. But bustin out a gun? Hmmmm... I wonder who would win that one.
  13. pakelika10

    UFO disclosure ? check out this sticky i believe they dont want these threads anymore? i guess...
  14. pakelika10

    new homepage for bhw

    Im sure there workin on it.
  15. pakelika10

    How to get free prizes from Bing!

    I never heard about there program before but i checked it out. I'm sure this would work well, but i looked at there prizes and it looks like a bunch of prizes I have no interest in, but good method nonetheless
  16. pakelika10

    Anybody own a franchise business?

    No starbucks does not franchise, but there are other coffee franchises, just google franchises im sure you will find the answers your looking for.
  17. pakelika10

    15-12-09 | Anonymous US Proxies (748)

    thats why the thanks button is there.
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